How To Achieve Your Business Goals With Social Media Marketing

Achieve Your Business Goals With Social Media Marketing

In This Article, I’m Going To Discuss How To Achieve Your Business Goals With Social Media Marketing.

We Know Is That Social Media Marketing Is Complex. “It’s Complex To Create”, “It’s Complex The Plan”, “It’s Complex To Execute” “It’s Complex To Understand The ROI And The Return On That Investment.”

So There Are Business Goals That We Have For Our Businesses And Then There Are Social Media Marketing Goals And Then There Are Results That We Need To Quantify.

So How Do All Those Interact With Each Other? How Do They All Relate To Each Other?

Well In This Article I’m Gonna Talk About Five Business Goals And How They Can Be Attained By Social Media Marketing And Also Then How Can They Be Measured Or Evaluated If Those Goals Were Achieved And How All Of Those Aspects Relate To Each Other.

So Here Are The Five Goals That Can Be Achieved By Social Media Marketing,

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Two Thought Leadership Or Credibility
  3. Word-Of-Mouth Marketing
  4. Leads
  5. Sales

What We’re Gonna Look At All These Business Goals And Then The Social Media Marketing Activities And Goals That Will Achieve Those Business Goals And Then Finally We’re Going To Talk About The Metrics Or How To Evaluate The Results Or The Return On Investment Of Those Activities.

So Let’s Take The First Business Goal “Brand Awareness”.

Brand Awareness Is About People Knowing Who You Are Recognizing You, Knowing Your Look, Your Feel ,Your Tone Of Voice, Knowing About Your Products And Services.

The Social Goal Of Achieving That Brand Awareness Goal Is Achieved By Reach.

So It’s Achieved By Having Digital Real Estate Where You Appear The Number Of Platforms That Your Brand Is And Also Your Published Range.

  • So Do You Have A Podcast?
  • Do You Have A Video Channel?
  • What Are The Mediums That You Are Publishing On?
  • Are You On Industry Websites?
  • Are You On Major Blogs?
  • What Is The Reach Of Your Brand?
  • How The Return On Investment Or The Metrics Of Success Are Judged By Our Total Impressions And That Is The Number Of Reads, The Number Of Clicks, The Number Of Comments, A Number Of Shares Of That Digital Real-Estate.
  • Where You Appear?
  • And What You Do Business Goal?

Business Goals | “Thought Leadership And Credibility”

Number Two Is Thought Leadership And Credibility, “It’s About Attraction” “It’s About Value, And Relevance”, It’s About Being Remembered The Social Goal”The Goal Of Your Social Activity”.

To Achieve That Thought Leadership Goal Is Getting Comments, It’s About Getting Inbound Links,

So It’s About The Volume Of Curated Content That You Put Out, “It’s About Social Sharing“, “It’s about Sharing Content And News And Valuable Information“.

The Metrics That Those Two Activities Are Judged By Our Mentions And Backlinks,

So Guest Post Requests How Many People Are Asking You To Guest Post?

Or How Many People Are Asking Me To Partner With Them? And In Being Included In Other People’s Security Content, Those Sorts Of Things Increase Traffic To Your Website And Those Are The Metrics That Are Used To Gauge Thought Leadership Business Goal.

Business Goals |”Word Of Mouth”

Number Three Is Word Of Mouth, So Word Of Mouth Marketing Is Creating An Audience That Will Market Your Brand For You.

“It’s About Creating Brand Evangelists” “It’s About Being Revered The Social Goal That You’re Trying To Achieve”.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Goal Is That You’re Shooting For Shares And Retweets, You’re Searching For People To Share, It’s That You Do With Others Because People Trust Other People More Than They Trust Brands Promoting Themselves.

So You Want To Strive For People To Share Your Material.

“Its Self-Propagating”, “It’s Self Propelling By Putting Out Material And Content That People Want To Share With Others”.

It Is Creating That Word-Of-Mouth Marketing For You The Metrics That You Use For Judging That Activity Is Counting Those Retweets And Shares.

It’s About Looking At Your Analytics Where Is Your Website Traffic Coming From.


Number Four Is Leads This Is Essentially Looking For A New Prospective Clients And Potential Sales In The Activity You Engage In And Social In Order To Make That Happen.

Is You Want To Drive People To Your Website? You Have To Drive Them With Content And The Goal Is To Get Them To Fill Out Forms.

So To “Get Them To Fill Out Your Contact Form” Or “Get Them To Download A Lead Magnet” And Fill Out Your Email Capture Form The Metrics Of The ROI Of That Activity Are Pure Numbers.

So “It’s A Number Of Sales Team Calls That You’re Getting” Or “It’s The Number Of New Email Captures You’re Getting” Or “It’s The Number Of Emails You’re Getting From Your Contact Form Business Goal”.


Number Five Is Sales That’s Revenue That’s Selling Actual Products And Services.

The Social Media Marketing Goals You Have To Achieve That Are Online Purchase Or Online Purchase Intent Driving People To Your Website And Having Them Either Purchase Products Or Services Or Contact You Via Call Via Email With An Intent To Do So, And The Metrics Where You Judge The Success Of That Are Sales Volume.

It’s Converting Leads From Contact Form Fills Into Real Customers.

It’s About How Many New Prospects You’re Getting And How Many Of Those Prospects You’re Actually Converting Into Active Clients And How Many Active Clients You’re Converting Into Repeat Clients.

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