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Best Way To Build Your Network For Business Networking.

Now Building A Network Isn’t About Numbers “It’s About Quality” “It’s About Relationships” And As Much As You May Think That You’re In The Product Or The Service Business You’re Actually In The Relationship Business.

So Building Relationships And Establishing Trust Over Time Is Probably The Most Important Thing That You Can Do For Your Business And It’s Also The Most Important Thing And The Best Way To Build Your Network.

Now The Thing Is What You Want To Do?

Is You Want To Stay Top In People’s Minds? “You Want To Be Light”, “You Want To Be Inspiring”, “You Want To Be Considered”, “To Be Helpful”, “To Be Motivational”, “You Want People To Want To Hear From You When Your Email Shows Up In Their Inbox” You Want To Make Sure That They Want To Open It.

Now How Do You Do That For Business Networking?

So Here Is Best Way To Build Your Network For Business Networking You Ready Drumroll Please Send People Stuff, It’s Really Easy All You Have To Do Is Send People Stuff, You Have To Curate Content And Send People Valuable, Inspirational, Educational Stuff, And Not Just Promotional Stuff,

So I Don’t Mean Stuff Like You Know Your Social Media Posts Or A Link To Your Latest Video Or Your Podcast.

What I Mean Is Stuff That Is Inspiring To You Has Been Valuable To You And With Your Knowledge Of That Person’s Business You Think Might Be Inspiring Or Motivational To Them.

If You Know That They’re Working On A Particular Project You Might Want To Send Them An Article That Kind Of Relates To That Subject Or That Category Of Business.

You Can Send People Things Like Articles Or You Can Send Them Links To Podcasts Or Videos That You’ve Liked Or Particular Resources, That Could Be Things Like Software-As-A-Service Certain Things That You Use In Your Business, That You Find To Be Very Helpful To You.

It Could Be Other Resources, It Could Think Be Things Like You Know Fonts Or Links Or Image Banks, It Could Be Things Like Websites, It Can Also Be Things Like Trend Or Inspiration Or Something That You Found, It’s Been Helpful To You Or Kept You Motivated In Your Business.

So Why Send People Stuff?

The Answer Is Really Simple It’s Because:

  • It Helps Them Develop Their Own Content.
  • It Helps Them Stay Inspired.
  • It May Give Them Content That They Could Share With Their Clients Or Their Customers That Would Be Germane To The Business Of The Product Or Service That They’re Working On For Them.
  • It Gives Them Stuff That They Can Share On Social Media.
  • It Gives Them Stuff That They Can Share With Others
  • It Also Makes Them Smarter
  • And It Makes Them More Relevant Basically When It Comes Down To It,
  • It Makes Them Glad To Hear From You And That Is The Goal.
  • You Have To Make Sure That Your Network Connections Are Really Glad To Hear From You.

Now The Question Is Why Is That Important?

That’s Because Eventually You May Need Something From Them.

Business Networking Is All About Give And Take, “It’s All About Giving Values To Others And Hopefully In Time Getting Value From Them”.

So Getting People To The Point Where They Really Look Forward To Hearing From You And Look Forward To Opening Your Emails Is Valuable.

Because Eventually When You Ask For That Favor, When You Ask For That Referral, When You Ask For That Introduction, They’re Going To Be More Apt To Give It To You.

You May Be Looking For A Job Referral Or You May Look Be Looking For A Client Introduction Or Some Sort Of Linkedin Introduction Or Something Like That, So When You Ask For That Favor They Are More Likely To Say Yes.

Essentially What You’ve Done Is :

“You’ve Built Up Equity With Them” “You’ve Built Up Relationship Equity” “You’ve Built Up Help Equity Or Value Equity”

Now, How Often Should You Do It?

I Think Once A Week Would Be Good Anything More Than That Might Be A Little Obvious And Little Badgering.

You Know People Get A Lot Of Emails As It Is And People’s Inboxes Get Inundated And You Want To Be Choice Full About What You Send,

So Make Sure That It Is Really Valuable And You’re Not Just Avalanching Them With A Whole Bunch Of Stuff That May Not Be Particularly Pertinent.

So Why Do I Know That This Is The Number One Best Way?

The Answer Is My Favorite Neck We’re Connections Do It For Me, They Help Me Do My Job, They Give Me Ideas For Content, They Give Me Ideas For My Newsletter, They Give Me Ideas For Video Subjects, They Help Me Inspire My Clients , They Help Me Stay Up On Trend, They Help Me Stay Motivated And Subsequently, Because They Send Me This Stuff That’s Why I Love Opening Their Emails.

I Prioritize My Communications With Them, I Prioritize Looking At Their Stuff Because I Know That It’s Going To Be Helpful To Me.

And I Don’t Just Pass Over It Or Throw It In The Trash, All Of My Mentees Do It And A Lot Of My Business Partners Who I Work On Projects With Do It.

They Are Always Top Of Mind For Me, So Make Sure That You’re Showing Value First Without Expectation Of Return.

Because You Want To Build Up That Value Equity That Helps Equity With People,

So When The Day Comes When You’re Gonna Look For Some Sort Of Little Favor They Are Going To Be More Likely To Say Less,

Remember If You Want To Build Business Networking Then You Have To Show Value First, You Have To Show Value And Give Value Without Expectation Of Return.

Because Over Time You Really Want To Build Up That Help Equity With Your Network

So When The Time Comes And You’re Gonna Have That Small Ask That Little Favor That You Need From Them.

They’re Going To Be Looking Forward To Opening Your Emails And They’re Going To Be More Likely To Say Yes To Your Request.

So That’s It I Hope You Like This Article On Best Way To Build Your Network For Business Networking Digital Marketing Consultant In Delhi

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