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There is computer equipment in almost every apartment, not to mention the offices of firms and companies. But, as you know, the technique has one unpleasant property – it periodically fails, sometimes at the most inopportune moment. Most users cannot cope with this problem, so the computer repair business is consistently relevant and in demand.  

It should be borne in mind that the organization of a business model of this type requires certain knowledge and organization. There are many difficulties and specific points that can make this process extremely difficult, and overcoming them is problematic.  So before drawing up a business plan for a computer service, think over how your center will function, what is your role in it. Further steps to create a case will depend on this.

Business Types Based on Skills:

  1. Starting a personal business from scratch by providing services yourself. Having built up a customer base, you can develop your business by enlarging it. This option is possible if you have the necessary technical knowledge and the required skills. In the future, you can hire a manager who will take over the organizational issues of doing business.
  2. Starting a business from scratch with the organization of the process. If you are roughly familiar with computer repair business, but your don’t have enough skills to directly perform thejob, you can start a business as a manager. 
  3. That is, your task will include finding customers, concluding contracts with them, and then finding knowledgeable people who can fulfill the order for a lower price. This is a little heavier compared to the previous option. 
  4. Starting a business from scratch with capital investment. It is not necessary to have certain skills for this. You need to have enough funds to hire staff, rent and equip premises, and start a business.

Choosing A Model Of Work

Despite the fierce competition, today the computer repair business shows amazing dynamics and vitality. Experts name at least the following reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. Low Start Threshold.
  2. Flexible Pricing.
  3. Steadily Growing Demand.
  4. Minimal Risks Of Doing Business.
  5. The Ability To Provide A Wide Range Of Additional Services.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended to meddle in this type of entrepreneurship without preparation and market research. Of course, if you are a computer and IT specialist, it will be much easier for you to get up to speed. But otherwise, you should not be upset, you just need to hire a person who understands the nuances of this market and will be ready to help you in starting a business, as they say “for a small share,” well, or for a fixed fee – that’s how you agree. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with several recommendations, about which below.

Putting It into Practice - How to Become a Computer Repair Master

There is no need to have a lot of start-up capital to start providing computer repair services. In this case, the success factors are: 

  1. High quality of services provided
  2. Fairly low prices 
  3. Maximum speed of order fulfillment 
  4. A wide range of services. 
  5. Responsibility to customers. 

Initially, you need to pay attention to the level of services that you provide. If a client, after repairing a computer, again encounters a seemingly resolved problem, he is unlikely to contact you again. 

Competition in the computer repair sector is fierce. Today, many young people are trying to repair and maintain computer equipment in order to generate additional income. Therefore, setting high prices at the initial stage means cutting off the opportunity for yourself to create a client base. The market in question is easy to enter and you must stand out from the crowd.

The next factor is the speed of response to the order. The modern user cannot imagine himself, for example, without access to his favorite games or to social networks. In accordance with this, the client will prefer the type of service that will help him to return to his usual lifestyle in the shortest possible time. Your customer base will grow rapidly if you can check out and fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Computer assistance presupposes a wide range of services, which include: repair and maintenance of computer equipment, data recovery, anti-virus treatment, setting up various networks, etc. Moreover, the size of your profit depends on how much you can expand the range of services provided by you. services. 

Any work involves the occurrence of a certain number of errors. For example, when configuring the network, the address was not saved or a connector popped out of the port. In this case, you need to be responsible to the client and eliminate mistakes and shortcomings in your work in time. 

Usually, an entrepreneur who carries out his activities unofficially, at the first stage, repairs the equipment of his friends and their acquaintances. In addition, you can start posting ads at the entrances of houses, where you indicate a short list of your services and contact information. If your work is appreciated, then in the future, the growth of the client base can occur on the basis of viral marketing, when one person advises another, the next, etc. 

How to Promote your Computer Repair Services

Any business starts with advertising actively expand the audience of your business, strive for as many people as possible to know about its existence.

There are many ways to do this:

  1. There are business cards that can be distributed to everyone.
  2. There are advertisements on the Internet (not just in its vast space, but, first of all, on the websites and resources of your city).
  3. List your Business on Google Map for people who search computer repair near me, laptop repair, laptop repair near me.
  4. After creating online ads, start actively offering links to it, you can create your own website and actively promote your business through it.
  5. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel: watch other big consumer-centric businesses work!
  6. Think about the shops. Discounts, “for the purchase of two items, the third as a gift” – everything can be used.
  7. Observe the utmost courtesy with clients; When giving them advice on computer maintenance, offer a variety of services that may be free the first time.
  8. Conduct a variety of promotions on a regular basis, this will increase the interest of customers and begin to attract them.
  9. Let them build up a reputation for your salon as a place where you can always either win something, or there are always discounts on certain goods or services.

Which Equipment to Choose for Computur Repair Business?

A standard list of equipment and tools required for repairs will include:

  • Computers and special software for the repair of computer equipment
  • Multimeter
  • Electronic tester
  • Electron microscope
  • Soldering Station
  • A set of special tools (screwdrivers, twisted pair crimp, etc.
  • Accessories and consumables (solder, wire, etc.).

List of Documents Required to Open a Computer Repair Business

In addition to standard securities of individual entrepreneurs or legal entities. persons, for the legal activity of your company, you must:

  • Sign an agreement with the owner of the premises in which the office will be located;
  • Conclude contracts with employees of the company;
  • Open a bank account and get the corresponding certificate, which must be registered with the tax office.
  • Another important point that concerns contracts with clients. Do not spare money for these purposes, find a good lawyer to help you draw up this document correctly. 
  • Particular attention should be paid to the issue of software (the use of “pirated” products is a serious violation, and it is installed by almost every user).

Most Popular Entrepreneurial Tips

  • Acceptance of the order must be accompanied by the receipt of information about the installed software on the client’s computer. If unlicensed software is used, the customer is notified of the impossibility of providing services or the installation of official software is offered. 
  • Try to constantly expand the list of services you provide. 
  • Look for clients among legal entities and entrepreneurs, as these categories of customers prefer to use mainly licensed programs. 
  • Engage in competent promotion of your services with an emphasis on quality and work only with licensed products. 
  • Retain loyal customers, for example, offer them discounts or any bonuses.
Of course, this cannot be said that these tips will make it easy and simple to establish your business. At the first stage, most likely, it will not be possible to expect serious income, since following the slogan “We work only with licensed programs!” will lead to abandonment of a solid customer base. But persistent and painstaking struggle for each client will lead you to the desired result.
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