How to Grow Your Business With A Digital Marketing Strategy


Whether you’re just starting a new business and looking to get as many new leads through the door as possible or just taking a new approach with your existing business, having a solid plan of action for your digital marketing efforts is essential. Here are our tips on getting the most from your site and making sure you set up to succeed.

How To Use Facebook Ads to Generate Traffic

If you’re looking to Grow The Online Presence Of Your Business Quickly then it’s worth learning more about how to target potential customers via Facebook’s advertising platform. Facebook advertising is great for those just starting out in digital marketing and allows you to quickly generate traffic to your site and start pulling leads into your business. One of the many benefits of Facebook ads is that you’re able to target your ads towards users who align with your business and already have interests relating to the product or service you offer.

Focus On SEO For The Long Term Benefits

One of the single most important benefits to SEO is that once your site is performing well in search results, you’ll be receiving traffic to your website completely FREE. What’s not to like!? When it comes to developing your digital marketing strategy incorporating SEO into the plan early is the safest bet in order for success. Growing your organic presence in the search engines can take time and patience and in order to really perform it’s important to work with experts who understand. Click Intelligence are adept at creating data-driven strategies to boost your website, so check them out today.

Generate Quick Wins With PPC Advertising

When growing your presence online with SEO, you’re playing the long game and a great way to pull in visitors in the meantime is by using PPC. When it comes to the ultra-competitive keywords that you’re struggling to rank for it’s worth making sure you can still be found in Google search results with pay per click advertising. PPC advertising is easy to do and allows you to have incredibly accurate control over your spending meaning you can generate clicks to your website while keeping a close reign on your marketing spend. Results from PPC can be almost instant so you can react fast to changes in your market.

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Up To Scratch?

Any business worth their salt in 2020 will already have a plan of action in place to target existing and potential customers through the use of email marketing. That said, there are always improvements to be made to any email campaign strategy and knowing what your customers want is key to developing. Tracking the emails you send out for KPIs is essential. Be on the lookout for open rates as a poor open rate might mean your offer just isn’t enticing enough. Maybe you’re pushing out too many lack-luster emails? Check your email list for unsubscribes to get a feel for how engaged your readers really are.

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