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Are You Looking For Result Oriented Internet Marketing Service Or Certified Google Digital Marketing Agency Near You?

Great Online Marketing Campaigns Builds Great Companies And The Internet Has Transformed The World Into A Global Marketplace.

It’s Not Just About Being On The Web Anymore, It’s More About Making Your Presence At The Right Places And At The Right Times.

There Are Over Two Billion Searches Per Day On Google And Eighty-Two Percent Of Buyers Search Google Before Making A Purchase.

Search Engines Are The Primary Methods Of Navigation For Most Internet Users SEO Makes Your Brand More Region-Specific And Twenty Percent Of Searches In Google Our Local By Nature.

  • Do You Want a new website Which Is Highly Visible To Google?
  • Rank on the first page of Google?
  • Do You Want To Convert Your Business Into A Brand

If The Answer Is Yes Then BgrowthNinja ( Top-Rated International Online Marketing Consultant ) Is The Best Match For Your Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do Offer?

List Of Services That We Offer:-


How Much Do You Charge For Internet Marketing Service?

This Really Depends On The Scope Of Work But I Would Say Anywhere From 500 to 5,000 Dollars Really Depending On The Scope Of Work If It’s Something Super Basic That We’re Helping You Out With Its Gonna Be Closer To 500 Dollar Range.

If There’s Something More Complex That We’re Building Like A Website Or A Sales Funnel Then It’s Gonna Be Closer To The $5,000 Range.

How Much Do You Recommend To Spend On Ads Every Single Month For Result Oriented Internet Marketing Service?

That Really Depends On What Is In Your Budget Right?

At The Very Minimum, We Would Say Spend At Least $1,000 On Whatever Platform We Are Marketing On, Whether That’s Google Search Youtube Facebook Instagram Etc.

We Need To Spend At Least $1,000 To Collect Enough Data To Be Able To Optimize On And To Be Able To Make Some Good Decisions Based On That Data

If We Don’t Have Enough Data And We’re Trying To Make Decisions Based On That,

It’s Not Going To Be A Really Accurate Decision And It Could Be A Decision Based On Something That Changes As You Start To Scale.

Now A Recommended Budget Would Be Anywhere From Three To Five Thousand Dollars Per Month On The Actual Platform That Would Be Ideal.

Because We Would Be Reaching A Lot Of People On A Monthly Basis.

And After Month We Start To Warm Those People Up You’re Showing Up In Their News Feeds Multiple Times Or Being Able To Retarget Them

Maybe Even On Different Platforms And It’s Going To Be Pretty Healthy For Your Business.

Now If You’re A Local Business And You Only Target People Within A Five-Mile Radius Then You Really Don’t Have To Spend That Large Three To Five K Of A Budget.

And You Can Get Away With A One Thousand Dollar Budget On The Different Platforms.

  • So A Thousand Dollars On Facebook
  • Thousand Bucks On Google Search.

And We Can Kind Of Play With The Numbers.

But Depending On Your Population Density Typically You Don’t Need To Have This Massive Budget If You’re Only Targeting People Within A Five-Mile Radius Around Your Location.

How Long Does It Take To Build Everything Out And Then How Long Should I Expect The Results To Start Coming In?

Now It Depends On What We’re Building Right?

Internet Marketing Service SEO, Google Ads Facebook Ads Online Reputation Management, A Whole New Website Etc.

If We’re Building A Whole New Website I Would Say Give Us About Three To Four Weeks To Build That Out.

And If We’re Building Google Or Facebook Ads I Would Say Give Us Five To Ten Days To Do

  • Research
  • Write All Of Our Copy
  • Get Some Creative Assets Together
  • Get Your Approval On Everything
  • Then We’ll Go Ahead And Launch Everything Live.

But I Would Say On Average One To Two Weeks To Really Do Our Research And Get Everything Set For A Launch.

Now If You Have An Urgent Project And You Really Want Us To Push To Get It Done Faster We Definitely Get It Done In Five Days.

In Most Cases, We Get Campaigns Live Where We Get Sales Funnels Built Out A Lot Quicker Than That.

But Just To Be Safe I Want To Tell You You Know Two Weeks For An Average Build Out.

If It’s A More Time-Intensive Build Out Like A Website Like A Shopify Site Or A Very Advanced Sales Funnel I Would Say Three To Four Weeks.

How Long Should I Wait To Start Seeing Some Decent Results?

Now Just Like I Mentioned Before Wait Two To Three Months To Really Start Seeing Some Results.

The Sales Process Takes Time We Need To Educate Strangers Out There That I’ve Never Heard Of Your Brand Before Why Your Brand Is Awesome,

We Need To Build That Trust That Familiarity The Credibility Of Why They Need To Trust Your Brand And Why They Need To Make This Purchase.

So It Takes Time Right?

If Your Product Is Super Low Costs And It’s Very Low Risk Or Maybe We’re Starting Off With A Very Low-Risk Offer,

Because We Want To Upsell Them To The Higher Price Points, Usually That’s An Impulse Buy And It’s Gonna Happen A Lot Quicker.

We’re Gonna Start Seeing Results A Lot Quicker If We Have A Lower Price Point And If The Demand Is There.

But If It’s A Higher Price Point Usually People Don’t Make A Several Hundred Dollar Purchase Every Day Right?

They Need To Think About It A Little Bit They Need To Kind Of Learn About It A Little Bit More,

Maybe Do A Little Bit More Shopping Around Reading ,

A Little Bit More Reviews They Need A Little Bit More Selling Right?

So That Takes Time So It Could Take Multiple Weeks.

Let’s Say That We Reach David On The Third Week Into Our Facebook Ad Campaign,

And Then If We’re Running Ads Over And Over, He May Purchase Inside Of A Month Three But We Initially Reached Him In The Third Week Of First Month.

So Just Remember These Are Real Life People They Take Time

  • They’re Gonna See An Ad In Their Facebook Feed They May Click On It
  • They May Go To Your Website And Learn About It

Maybe It’s Not The Right Time For Them To Make That Purchase Maybe They’re Like Oh It’s January Right Now, I Could Probably Buy This Product In Summer.

So Maybe They Wait Because They’re Gonna Buy It On Their Time.

They’re Not Gonna Buy It On Your Time Or When We Launch The Ads Right?

  • So The Main Thing Is Raising That Brand Awareness
  • Selling Them On Why You’re Different Than Your Competitors
  • And Why They Should Trust You
  • Why You’re Awesome Why They Need This Product In Their Life.

And Then They’re Gonna Make That Purchase When It’s Convenient For Them Right?

And We Can Kind Of Push That Along With Maybe Running A Special Offer May Be Running A Discount Those Little Things That We Can Do To Push Urgency And Scarcity,

Which Can Further Make Them Buy On Our Time Versus Buy Hang On Their Time. But Ultimately We Need To Wait For Them.

And That’s Why We Say Give Us At Least Two To Three Months Because That Gives Us Enough Cushion To Educate Enough People Warm Them Up.

Get Them More Familiar With Your Brand And Then Push Them To Making A Buying Decision.

What Do You Need From Me For Internet Marketing Service To Get Started?

Now This Really Depends On What You Are Wanting To Leverage Us .

If You’re Wanting Some Internet Marketing Service Like Facebook Ads Run Then We Need Access To Your Facebook Business Manager And Your Facebook Fan Page.

So That We Can Go Into Your Ad Account And Build Out Your Ads In Your Ad Account.

If You’re Building Ads In Your Google Account Or Your Youtube You Know We Just Need Access To Those Right Accounts.

For Creative Assets, It Would Be Great To Have As Much Creative Assets As You Can Possibly Throw At Us

The More The Better So If You Can Get Us As Many Videos Photos Any Kind Of Written Content Any Kind Of Digital Downloadable Assets That You Can Throw Into A Google Drive Send Us That Share Link.

So We Can Download It And Start Researching It And Start Figuring Out How We Can Use Those Creative Assets In Our Campaigns And In Our Landing Pages.

Whatever We’re Working On For You, Get Us As Much Information About Your Business As Possible, So That We Can Do Our Research And Have As Much There As We Possibly Can.

So How The Process Typically Goes Is We’ll Have Our Initial Phone Call Where We’ll Talk About Your Scope Of Work,

What’s Your Needing Help With What Kind Of Services We Can Offer You

And Then I’ll Put Together Proposal With All The Different Services In There And The Pricing And Everything Like That I’ll Send It Over To You On Your Email.

If Everything Looks Good You’ll Go Ahead And Sign The Proposal And Send It Back Over To Us.

And Then We’ll Start Discussing How We Get Access To All Of Your Assets And Your Accounts And Things Like That,

Before We Get Started On Work We’ll Go Ahead And Charge Your Payment Method That We Have On File.

Then We’ll Do The Whole Build-Out Whether We’re Building Out The Facebook Ads Google Ads, Sales Funnel SEO Social Media Marketing Anything Like That We’ll Build It Out.

And Like I Said That Takes Roughly Two Weeks Two To Three Weeks Just Depending On How Time-Intensive The Scope Of Work Is.

And Then Once The Initial Build-Out Is Done For The Funnel Then It Just Really Comes Down To Manage And Whatever Management Looks Like On A Month-To-Month Basis Is What We Will Be Fulfilling.

So The Proposal Will Probably Have A One-Time Build-Out Fee For The First Month And Then Ongoing Monthly Cost Depending On What Kind Of Services You’re Needing From Us.

So That Pretty Much Wraps Up My Frequently Asked Questions.


I Look Forward To Speaking With You So If You Haven’t Yet Booked A Call For Internet Marketing Service Then Connect With BgrowthNinja Best Digital Marketing Consultant In Delhi And Top Rated Digital Marketing Consultant In Mumbai To Book A Call Now Let’s Chat It Up.

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