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So You Want To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization And Looking For Free SEO Classes Online?

You Know SEO Is Super Confusing And Most Of The People Don’t Know What To Do First! So In This Article, I’m Going To Tell You Exactly How To Start With Seo And How Things Evolve Sequentially. So That You Can Be Successful With Search Engine Optimization.

So The First Thing That You Have To Do Is :

  1. Set Up A Website.
  2. Submit It To Bing Webmaster Tools And Google Search Console.

It’s Inside Of The Index And These Different Search Engines Know That IT Exists. Outside Of  That You Also Want To Go Ahead And Set Up Usually Local Directory Listings.

There are A Couple Different Sites That Will Allow You To Do That, Some Of Those Are:

  • Being
  • Uber
  • All Moz Local
  • Yext.

These Are Couple Different Options For Setting Up Local Directories That’s Gonna Build Some Links To The Website.

Let People Know, That Your Business Out There, And Then It’s Also Gonna Make It, So That It In The Index. And Those Are Couple Of Good Places To Start.

So Next, There Are A Couple Technical Things That You Want To Make Sure Are Set Up Correctly On Your Website.

  • You Want To Make Sure That You Have A Site Map.
  • Make Sure That You Have Urls That Are Not Dynamic, Kind Of Clean Urls, They Never Change, And That Can Be Sit Sitting There In The Index And Can Be Picked Up.
  • And You Want To Make Sure That You’ve Got A Couple Specific Items On Your Pages.
  • Make Sure You Have Titles That Are On The Page, Descriptions, H1s, H2s, You Can Add Copy To The Page, You Can Add Images To The Page, And If You Can Do That, Then You’ve Got Kind Of The Basic Foundation That You Need For Search Engine Optimization.

If You’re On WordPress Then It’s A Good Idea To Install Yoast. That’s A Very Common WordPress Plug-In That’s Gonna Make Sure That You’re Set Up Well There.

Okay, So You’re In The Index You’ve Got Some Basic Technical Things Set Up.

What Do You Do Next?

Well, The Next Thing That You Want To Do Is Build Out The Website, So That You’ve Got Just Kind Of A Normal Website With Some Content On It,

You’ve Got The Most Important Pages For Your Business. And Then Next Step Is To Start Developing Keywords That You Want To Rank For.

A Really Good,  Easy Way To Do This Is To Go And Put In Your Competitors Into a Competitive Analysis Tool.

SemRush Is A Great Tool For This You Can Drop Your Competitors There, Once You Put The Name Of Your Competitor There, You Can Find All The Different Keywords They’re Ranking For.


Try To Pick Some Of The Best Ones In The Industry, And You’re Gonna Want A Cherry Pick And Take Out The Terms That Your Competitors Are Ranking Forward And Put Them Into A Sheet, Wright The Ones That You Think You Want To Rank For.

In Addition To That In That Same Tool, You Can See The Ads That Your Competitors Are Running You Can See:

  • Where They Are Running Those Ads
  • What Keywords They’re Running Targeting
  • Take Those Same Keywords And Then Put That Into A Sheet So You’ve Got A Big List.

Outside Of That, You’re Gonna Want To Go Ahead And Put In Keywords Into Sem Rush, That You Think Kind Of Intuitively Make Sense For Your Brand.

That’s Gonna Spit Out A Whole Bunch More Keywords. And Really What You’re Looking To Do Is Something Called “The Keyword Analysis”.

So To Develop A List Of All The Keywords That You Would Ever Want To Rank For Within Your Space. What IS Content Marketing?

And Then Once You Have That You Are Going To Basically Set That Out And Then Determine:

  • What Are The 10 Most Important  
  • What Are The Next 20 In That Mid Level
  • And What Are The Next 20 In That Next Level Down

So You’ve Got Your 10 Most Important Keywords  And You’ve Got A Couple Different Levels Down As Far As Importance Basically From A Conversion Rate Optimization Perspective.

Now The Question Is If You Got Ranked For These Things In Google, Would You Actually Get Business From Them?

Putting Them In That Hierarchy Is Really Helpful. After You’ve Done That, You’re Gonna Want To Optimize Your Website.

So You’re Going To Want To Assign Three Specific Keywords To Each Individual Page On Your Website And Those Keywords Should Be Really Closely Themed Together.

If It’s Seo Company, For Example, It Might Be Seo Company, Best Seo Company, Those Will Be Examples Of Three That Would Be, Kind Of In One Group.

And You To Have To Do A Keyword Assignment.

So These One To Three Keywords For An Individual Page, And Make Sure You’re Working That Into The:

The Title, The Description, The H1, H2, The Copy, The Image Optimization, And You’re Going To Go Ahead And Push That Page Live.

That’s Going To Allow That Page To Potentially Rank For That Term. So You Have To Use That Process And Go Throughout The Entire Website And Do That.

And If There are Certain Keywords That Are On Your List, That Don’t Fit With The Page, Then You Have To Put That Into Another Bucket.

Because We’re Gonna Be Creating More Pages Later For Those Specific Terms.

If It Doesn’t Fit With A Page,  If It’s That Really Make Sense To Associate That Keyword, Put In Another Bucket. We’re Gonna Make More Pages Down The Road So That We Can Potentially Rank For Those Terms.

So You’re Gonna Get The Whole Website Optimized In The Way That I Just Described. Now After That, You Have To Create A List Of The Additional Pages That You Want To Create.

That Will Basically Work With The  Keywords That Weren’t Able To Work On The Website. So You Create The List Of Another 20 And 30 Pages. For Example, Keywords That Would Be Associated With Those Pages.

Then You Have To Start Creating Those Pages On A Monthly Basis Until You’ve Built Out A Whole Bunch Of More Content That You Could Potentially Get Ranked For Into Google.

So Now You’ve Created A Really Great On-Site Optimization.

For Your Main Site, And You’ve Created New Pages. And you’re gonna Start Getting In More And More Traffic.

 And If You Go Inside, Of A Tool Like SemRush, You’re Gonna See Your Keywords Going Up,  You’re Gonna See The Traffic Going Up.

You Have To Continue To Create New Pages On A Consistent Basis. So That You Can Always Be Ranking For More And More Terms.

 Okay, So What Do You Do Once You’ve Got The Foundation There?

 Well, It’s All About Content Creation. It’s All About Social Media And It’s All About Building Links To The Website. If You Have A Page In Its Ranking Position 34 A  Term That You’re Going After If You Get Another 10 20 Links Or So You Don’t Want To Go Too Crazy On The Links. And If You Start Getting More Links To That Specific Page You’re Gonna Rank Higher And Higher.

So you have To Determine What Are Those Five To Ten Most Important Keywords And Build Links To Those Pages Over Time. You Have To Curate The Content On Those Pages. Add More Information To Those Pages. Make Those Pages Better

Then That’s Going To Show Google That These Pages Are Alive, They’re Being Updated You’re Building Links To Them, And That’s Going To Allow The Pages To Rank Higher.

So That’s A Basic Overview Of How To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization. Click Here If You Want To Learn Seo Classes Online Free. Our Expert “BgrowthNinja” International Online Marketing Consultant Will Help You To Find Out Best SEO Classes Online Free!

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