Top 5 Social Media Management Tools In 2020


Social Media Manager | We all have perhaps multiple accounts on different social media platforms. In an era in which the presence of brands and individuals is achieved virtually, being in total control of our social media accounts has become a big challenge. Daily lives of many of us prove that there is a growing need to manage social media accounts and it is indeed, an entire job in itself.

Luckily, program developers think the same way with us, and they created a solution to manage this newly emerged need with some tools -without having to hire someone to be in charge of your accounts. We reviewed some of these programs and made a list of top 5 most useful Social Media Management Tools of this year. 

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Management Tool?

The Social Media Manager Or Management Tool you will be choosing can vary depending on your purposes for social media using: there are several management tools that are available in the market for different users and softwares. If you need assistance for personal use, the tool you should look for can be different from the case you are seeking a tool that is designed to manage the institutional social media accounts.

Top 5 Social Media Managements Tools In 2020


HootSuite is one of the best known programs in social media management. Recently, it became a very popular tool in the US and around Europe. The logic behind HootSuite  is its ability in synchronizing all your social media profiles at once. In this way, managing the different accounts is done simultaneously, making HootSuite a great time saver and an organizer. If you want to publish a post in your accounts, instead of logging in each one of them, you can manage it from your HootSuite account, select the accounts you want this post to be posted and share it.

Another life-saving feature of HootSuite is that you can schedule a posting time. If you set a date and time for a post, it automatically posts it without you having to do it separately. It is very convenient and with its user friendly design, it will assist you in social media managing efficiently. HootSuite owns its world-wide success to this efficiency.


Being as useful as HootSuite, Buffer stands out with its interesting interface that is also available as a mobile app for iOS and android. You can set the time to manage your posts up to one year advance with a calendar you can share with the rest of the team of your brand.

What distinguishes Buffer from other management tools is its feature assisting you to analyze the social media data of your accounts. In this way, you can check other users’ reactions to your posts and you can be in total control of your posts by finding out how many times a content you posted was seen, clicked or shared thanks to its analyzing tools. It also provides you with contents that you might be interested in posting, making your time management incredibly efficient.


This social media tool allows you to create and schedule content easily. eClincher receives good comments from small to mid-size businesses as it successfully integrates the keyword monitoring to reach out to the right target audience. It has an inbox that collects the messages, conversations, comments and mentions from all your social media profiles and enables you to stay in contact without switching applications and accounts all the time. 

The reason why it can be preferred over other tools is its integrated Canva program as a feature that allows you to create and design the images for your post. You will have a smooth experience with eClincher if you are especially a big fan of the aesthetic aspect of a post along with its content!


SpredFast can be considered as a successful tool for corporate lines. If you have a corporate company, it becomes really important to give a stable impression for the company’s presence in the eyes of your customers. SpredFast offers a high quality social media management, especially for companies and legal organizations, despite the slightly higher cost of it when it is compared with other tools.

Apart from its ability to generate up-to-date contents, this tool gives the opportunity to manage and compare their social media campaigns. The analysis feature is very different from other platforms that provide this service. This feature is shaped by the number of shared content, the number of end users reaching the campaigns and the number of followers. SpredFast gathers a great amount of social media data by following links. Hence, it transfers the massive and complicated data into a simple story that you can easily share with your marketing team.

5.Zoho Social

Zoho Social helps marketers in small and mid size organizations to work with their brand’s marketing strategies. It provides marketers with pre-broadcast information based on the level of involvement of previous broadcasts and the activity of their audience.

This tool steps ahead and suggests the most appropriate time for posting, and users can set a time for posting and enjoy Zoho’s analysis of the audience and the target. In this way, the marketing team of your brand can follow Zoho Social’s picks to become aware of the brand’s audience’s reaction to the company’s brand image.

Thanks to a real time monitoring feature of Zoho Social, an analysis of detailed statistics reveals how the audience interact with the brand’s content. This feature enables the users to keep the track of the notifications and to reply to them instantly.


No matter if you are a small business or large size corporate company, or an individual who is concerned about your reputation or brand value, these 5 platforms will come in handy, all you need is to decide your priorties that are responding the needs of your brand. Keep in mind that all these tools we mentioned above have trial periods. We suggest you to try out one or two of them and decide the best tool for your social media management in 2020.

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