How To Build a Social Media Marketing Plan | For Entrepreneurs And Startups


How To Build a Social Media Marketing Plan, So In This Artice, I Am Going To Discuss Nine Steps For Building A Social Media Marketing Plan For Entrepreneurs And Startups

Now There Are Five Major Forms Of Social Media Influence

  1. Digital Real Estate | That’s Where You Show Up How Pervasive You Are In The Digital Sphere.
  2. Connections | That’s People And Followers.
  3. Content | What Kind Of Content Do You Put Out In The World.
  4. Engagement | That’s How You Interact With Your Audience.
  5. Inspiration | How Prospects Inspiring From Your Products And Services

So Here Are The Nine Steps For Building A Social Media Marketing Plan.

1 | Brand Audit For Social Media Marketing Plan

You Have To Do An Analysis Of Your Current State.

  • Where Are You Digitally?
  • What Platforms Are You On?
  • What Social Media Real Estate Do You Have?

And You Also Have To Focus On Content

  • What Are You Currently Doing?
  • What Kind Of Content Are You Putting Out?
  • Is That Content Working OR Isn’t Not Working?
  • Is Your Brand Consistent?
  • Is Your Brand Voice Your Personality Or Design Is That Consistent?

 Also Connections

  • So Who Are Your Current Followers?
  • What’s Your Audience?

And Finally Engagement

  • So What’s Your Current Engagement?
  • How Are You Interacting With Those Followers?
  • How Are You Talking With Them?

2| Competitive Audit For Social Media Marketing Plan

So An Analysis Of Your Competition

  • Who Is Your Competition?
  • Who’s Your Closest In Competition Meaning People Just Like You
  • Who’s Your Stretched Competition Or People Who Big Are More Successful Than You
  • Where Are They Now
  • What Platforms Are They On
  • What Kind Of Content Are They Putting Out
  • What’s Successful What’s Working For Them What’s Not
  • Who’s Their Target Audience
  • Who Are They Influencing
  • What’s Their Engagement Look Like All Those Things

Those Four Major Things I Talked To At The Beginning Of The Article

You Have To Evaluate Those Things And Look At Where They’re Being Successful And Near That Behavior. There’s No Shame And Mirroring Successful Behavior Of Your Competitors.

It Doesn’t Mean You Have To Copy Them Or Try To Be Like Them But You Can Look At What They’re Doing And How They’re Doing It And Learn From That.

3 | Look At Your Customer Avatar

  • Who Is It That You Want To Reach?
  • What Problem Is It That You’re Trying To Solve?
  • How Can You Solve It For Them?
  • How Can You Do It Different And How Can You Do It Better?

The Most Important Thing To Find Out Is Where Does Your Customer Hang Out?

  • Where Do They Congregate?
  • How Do They Communicate?
  • Do They Communicate In The Real World OR In The Online World?
  • Do They Use Forums?
  • What Kind Of Platforms Do They Use?
  • Where Do They Hang Out And What Do They Do There?

4 | Decide What Is The Right Content Platform.

  • What’s Kind Of Right Content For Your Brand?
  • If You’re In The Creative Field Is That Visual Content?
  • If You’re In A Strategy Field Was That Written Content?
  • Video Content Is The Hardest Kind Of Content To Produce Podcasting Is A Little Bit Easier Writing Is Probably The Easiest When It Comes To Production.

You Can Produce Content And Blog Form In Podcasts Articles Videos Newsletters Imagery Infographics Physical Appearances.

So Guest Appearances You Can Show Up On Discussion Boards Or Communities, You Can Write League Bang Nets Or Downloadable Pdf Or White Papers, You Can Produce Ebooks.

So There’s A Whole Lot Of Different Platforms That You Can Deliver Content On.

So You Have To Decide What’s The Best Platform For Your Content.

5 | Developing Content Strategy

Developing Content Strategy Menas A Strategy For The Actual Development Of The Content After You’ve Decided What Form It’s Going To Take, You Have To Decide How You’re Actually Going To Create It?

So Who’s Going To Be The Person To Create It You Have A Team For That? Or Do You Do It Yourself?

You Have To Develop Your Calls To Action.

So You’re Gonna Have That Content But It’s Gonna Drive People Somewhere. where Is It Going To Take People?

You Could Say That 50% Of Your Content Is Going To Drive People To Your Blog Maybe 20% Is Going To Drive To A Products Page Or Twenty Five Percent Could Be Curated Content Of Other People’s Stuff That’s Just Building Up Perception Of Your Brand As Being A Thought Leader You Get A Five Percent That’s Related To HR.

So Building Your Company Or Your Brand Culture Acting As A New Employee Pipeline The One Thing You Have To Remember ISThat You Have To Publish Your Content Consistently.

6 | Create A Content Posting Calendar

  • When Does The Content Come Out?
  • Where Does It Come Out?
  • Does It Come Out In Facebook And Instagram And Linkedin?

Whatever, You Have To Decide On The Platform And Also Decide On The Actual Frequency.

So What Dates And Times This Content Is Going To Be Posted?

And You Have To Create A Calendar For That And Make Sure That You Stick To It Again Consistently.

You Also Have To Think About Automation, So Are You Going To Use An Automation Platform Like Hootsuite Or If-Then If This Then That So IFTT To Automate Your Posting Of Content.

7| Measurement And Analytics

When You’re Doing All This Stuff You Want To Also Measure How Effective It Is.

So Using Google Analytics Or Hootsuite Analytics Or Youtube Analytics You Have To Dive Into And Find How People Are Interacting With Your Content.

  • Where They’re Going?
  • How Much Interaction Is There?
  • And How Engagement There Is?

You Can Use A Website Called Owlie To Create Mini Links That Are Then Trackable. So You Can Create When People Click Those Links You Can Go Back To Owlie And See Some Analytics

  • Where They’re Coming From?
  • Where They’re Going In Terms Of Any Links That You Post
  • And You Can Create Custom Reports From That.

So One Of The Things You Have To Keep In Mind Is That You Have To Set A Calendar To Review On A Regular Basis Your Analytics For “How Your Content And Your Social Media Efforts Are Performing”.

8 | The Return On Investment Of Your Social Media Marketing Plan.

What Are You Actually Getting Out Of It? And You Look At This In Terms Of Quantitative And Qualitative Are Kind Of This Soft Metrics.

So Things Like Engagement Or Feedback Or Brand Loyal To Your Brand Awareness Quantitative Or More Metrics Based Some More Numbers Based On Hard Facts Of How You’re Getting A Return On Your Investment.

Things Like Site Traffic And Shares And Followers And Actual Sales And Page Views So Duration Of You Serve Bounce Rates Google Ranking Things Like That Are Quantitative.

So You Have To Make Sure That You’re Analyzing Your Social Media Efforts In Terms Of ROI.

9 | Test And Refine

So You Want To Make Sure That You’re Looking At Your Analytics And Then You’re Going Back And Looking At Your Social Media Efforts And You’re Refining Them. What’s Working What’s Not Working

No Social Media Marketing Plan Is Ever Static And Never Stand Still It Never Stays The Same Forever,

So You Have To Go Back And You Have To Test And Refine And Then Implement Those Changes.

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