Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups


Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

Hi, Everybody In This Article I Am Going To Share Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies That You Can Use To Grow Your Business.

So I’m gonna talk about Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for startups, some of them have to do with search, but also a lot of them are techniques that you can use that and don’t rely on search in order to grow your business.

It used to be that if you had a whole lot of text on your homepage and use keywords effectively you could elevate yourself insert search.

Now you can still use meta tags and browser tags and meta descriptions on your page you could even use an SEO plugin for WordPress to help you with SEO and search

But these days you can’t rely entirely on that, You need to rely on other digital marketing methods to drive people to your site.

So I’m going to share five different digital marketing Strategies for Your startup or New business that gonna help you to grow your business…!
1) Email marketing
2) Paid advertising
3) Content marketing

4) Social Media Marketing
5) Blog Posts

Email Marketing

Let’s talk about email marketing first, Email is still the favored form of communication between companies and customers.

Because companies can collect email addresses and target who they are communicating to and customers can give up their email addresses,

so they’re getting messages from companies they really want to hear from, and as we know newsletters are a great form of email marketing.

You can develop valuable content that’s targeted to your customer and provide it to them through a newsletter.

Paid Digital Advertising

Now second Digital Marketing Strategy that we can use is paid Digital Advertising.

as I said earlier, you really can’t rely on SEO Completely, You really have to eventually do some paid advertising the good thing is that paid advertising doesn’t have to cost a lot in order to have an impact.

There Are So Many Paid Advertising Platforms That You Can Use To Improve Your Brand Visibility

The first one is Google Ads, Google Ad is one form of paid advertising basically, it’s a text-based form of advertising

and it’s very kind of short snippet sentences that you use in Google AdWords. and as we know keywords are the most important part of Google Ads

so you have to do keyword research, you have to find Less Competitive Keyword and create Your Google ad Campaign according to your targeted keyword

Another form of paid advertising is Facebook Ads, Facebook ads are relatively less costlier as compared to Google Ads

the other great thing about Facebook is that their targeting capabilities are really incredible…!

You can target super specifically geographically demographically income based on so many different levels who are going to view your ad.

So by spending and by targeting specifically, you can make the most of your advertising spend.

Social Media Marketing

Social media profiles are also a really important form of digital marketing you want to make sure that you’re featuring links to your social profiles on your website.

Google will penalize you if you don’t have any links to your social profiles on your website.

You should have LinkedIn and Facebook at a bare minimum but you want to make sure that you don’t go overboard,

You don’t want to be on so many different social platforms that you show up on them poorly you want to do a few and you want to do them well

So I recommend people starting with just a couple and seeing how well they engage on them and how they build their audience and then growing that over time as they get better at dealing with the show’s social landscape

Plus don’t forget video because Google owns YouTube having a video on your site

Whether it’s curated videos of other people’s content or developing your own content having those links on your site back to YouTube really elevates you an SEO so don’t forget about video.

Content Marketing

Another important form of digital marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs is content marketing.

Content marketing is using original content or curated content to draw people to your website it’s giving them something of value to come to you for and when they come to you ask them for their email address and in return for them giving up your their email address, that’s what we call opt-in magnets,

Thing like an e-book or a PDF or a checklist or resource lists or how-to videos they get something in return for signing up for your list.

You can also use landing pages don’t show up on the main navigation of your site but it’s where people land.

When they come to your site in order to get some sort of opt-in content and they may give up their email address there and then they may be led to your content or led to your main website.


Blogging is really important for SEO especially for small businesses entrepreneurs and creative professionals.


Well, when you regularly post the blog to your sites, so it’s showing google search that you are interacting and your site is being regularly updated.

When sites go dormant or nothing ever changes or gets updated on a website

Google will eventually downgrade that site in search because Google thinks it’s abandoned so you want to make sure that you’re constantly updating your site’s

I hope you enjoyed this article on the Basics of digital marketing Strategies that you can use to grow your business. if you have any question then please do let me know with your comment’s, bye for now..!

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