Top 5 Web Design And Development Company In 2021


Here, We Will Discuss Some Of The Best Web Design Development Companies In 2020 Based On The Analysis Of Services They Provide, As Well As Reviews From Their Respective Clients.

The Architecture And Structure Of Your Website, Which Is Achieved Via Proper Web Development, Will Play A Big Role In Your Seo Performance Beside Your Overall Content Marketing Strategy.

We Have Also Studied Leading Software And Web Development Companies From Various Aspects, And Here We Have Compiled The List Of Top 5 Web Design & Development Companies In 2020. Take A Look At Our List Right Below

1. Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media Is A New York-Based Results-Driven Web Development Company With Services Comprising Of Website Design And Development, Mobile App Development, And Digital Marketing Consultant

Some Of The Notable Clients Of Blue Fountain Media Include The United Nations, Nasa, P&G, And Canon Among Others. However, Blue Fountain Media Doesn’t Only Serve Big Enterprises And Organizations But Has Also Helped Build Websites For Startups And Smaller Companies.

They Deliver A Result-Driven Design And Development Approach To Benefit The Client’s Objectives By Accelerating Progress Through Digital Strategy

Key Features To Consider: 

  • High-Volume Content Creation And Content Management
  • Highly Customized Website, Including Ecommerce Website With Its Functionality
  • Utilizing Html5 Rather Than Flash To Ensure Fast, Optimized Website
  • Result-Driven Concentrates On Delivering High Roi On The Website Investment.

2. Merixstudio

Merixstudio Is A Full-Stack Website Development And Digital Marketing Agency With A Team Of 150+ Professionals Serving Numerous Clients Worldwide. Founded In 1999, The Company Has Worked With Various Global Companies Such As Volkswagen, Hsbc, Toshiba, Gs1, And The Independent Among Others, But Also Have Successfully Worked With Various Startups Like Moneyfarm, Sendinblue, And Burrow. 

Merixstudio Specializes In Website Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Consulting, Product Design, Ui Design, And
Cross-Platform Development, Among Other Expertises. 

By Catering To The Latest Technologies And Design Principles, Merixstudio Has Created Various Custom-Tailored Web Applications And Cross-Platform Apps Focused On Performance And Scalability. Merixstudio’s Team Of Professionals Harness State-Of-The-Art Technologies And Platforms Including Golang, Flutter,  Javascript ( React, React Native, Angular, Node.Js), Python (Django, Flask), And Php (Laravel, Symfony).

Key Features To Consider:

  • A Huge Team Of Professionals With Expertise In Various Battle-Tested Technologies And Platform To Ensure Reliability.
  • Data-Driven And Results-Driven, Merixstudio Focuses On Making High Returns On Investments For Their Clients.
  • Full-Fledged Support From Project Management, Quality Assurance, Product Design Services, And Cross-Platform Capabilities.

3.The Creative Momentum

The Creative Momentum Is A U.S.-Based, Full-Stack Agency That Focuses On Developing Custom Websites, Technical Website Development, Ui/Ux Optimization, And Software Development, Among Other Services. They Also Offer Marketing Agency Services Like Seo, Ppc, Complete Branding Development, Video Marketing, And Advertising Management

Some Of The Notable Customers Of Creative Momentum Include Version One, Ishc, Humana, And Amdocs.

Key Features To Consider: 

  • Creative Momentum Design Responsive Websites That Can Be Viewed On Desktop And Mobile Devices Just As Well.
  • Focuses On Fulfilling The Client’s Requirements And Objectives To Develop A Comprehensive Solution.
  • Emphasizing The Client’s Excellence, Strength, Skill, And Boldness Through Their Design Approach.


Ruckus Is A Full-Service Digital Marketing Company With Website Design And Development As One Of Its Specialties. Ruckus Has Worked With Various Enterprises, Companies, And Global Influencers. Some Of Its Notable Clients Are American Exchange, Altec Lansing, And America Works, Among Others. Ruckus Helps All Sizes Of Businesses To Develop Custom, High-Performance Websites. 

Their Main Website Design Approach Is To Adopt Tactical Actions To Bring In Results According To The Client’s Objectives From The Ground Up (Branding Development) To Platform Planning To The Execution Of The Development Process.

Key Features To Consider: 

  • Intense Focus On Ui/Ux Design With A Data-Driven Approach To Achieve The Client’s Goals.

  • Brand Design And Development That Emphasizes On Improving Customers’ Interactions.
  • Creating An Integrated Seo, Ppc, And Marketing Strategy To Help Maximize The Website’s Reach.
  • They Support Their Clients To Achieve Experience Through Precise Planning, Implementation, And Content Management.

5.Forge And Smith

Forge And Smith Is A Canadian-Based Website Agency That Has Built Numerous Attractive Websites In Intelligent Industries. They Deliver Complete, Full-Stack Digital Services For Various Industries In Various Sizes, Starting From Ux Design To Content Plan, Website Development (WordPress-Based), And Seo Optimizations Of The Website. 

Some Of The Notable Clients Of Forge And Smith Includes Discover Channel, Sussex Insurance, Webber Naturals, And More. Forge And Smith Focuses On Optimizing The Website’s Usability, Reliability, And Performance. 

Key Features To Consider: 

  • Custom-Tailored Website Development (Assembly Line Custom Website Builder), Allowing A Totally Customizable Custom Website Solution.
  • Focusing On Developing A Results-Driven Action Plan To Optimize Content Creation And Tactical Selections.
  • All Websites Built Were Made From Scratch With The Assembly Line Custom Website Builder Approach To Provide Versatility At A Reasonable Amount Without Cooperating Quality.

How To Choose Best Web Design And Development Company?

  • Portfolio: Make Sure To Check The Company’s Previous Works. Different Web Design Companies Might Have Their Own Distinct Styles, And Some Might Be A Better Fit For Your Brand. Also, Some Web Designers Only Work With Clients Of A Certain Size Or A Certain Budget.
  • Location: Nowadays, We Can Do Everything Over The Internet And Probably The Location No Longer Matters Much. However, If You Prefer In-Person Meetings And Sharing Your Ideas Face-To-Face, Make Sure To Choose A Web Development Agency That Is Located Pretty Close By.
  • Online Reviews: We Can Check Everything Online These Days. Start By Checking Their Own Website, And You Can Check Their Particular Design Style, Client Testimonies (If Any), And Company Culture. You Can Also Check Various Online Reviews And If Possible, Contact Their Previous Clients For Pointers.
  • Budget: Pretty Obvious, You Should Research The Web Development Agency According To Your Budget. Some Companies Might Be Outside Your Price Range, And So Researching Your Budget Availability And The Potential Price Tag Is Very Important In Making Your Decisions.

End Words

Remember That No Matter How Good Your Website Is, It Won’t Bring Any Value Unless Your Target Audience Can Find It And Visit Your Website. This Is Where Seo And Your Overall Content Marketing Strategy Are Very Important In Ensuring The Results Of Your Website Investment.

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