What Is Content Marketing And Why Content Marketing Is The Future Of Marketing?


Everywhere You Turn You’re Hearing About Content Marketing.

  • Seth Godin Says Content Marketing Is The Only Marketing Left
  • 9 Out Of 10 B2b Marketers Say That Their Companies Are Using Content Marketing

So What’s All The Fuss About?

Well, Advertising Is About Selling Prospects On Your Offering Content Marketing Is About Giving Them Something.

And 82 Percent Of Buyers Will Feel Better About Your Company After Reading Your Content,

Because You’re Showing Them You Understand Their Needs And How To Solve Their Problems.

Okay But What About Sales? Isn’t Online Advertising The Best Way To Generate Revenue?

The Truth Is Online Advertising Isn’t As Effective As It Used To Be.

  •  236 Million People Are Blocking Desktop Ads
  • 380 Million Are Blocking Mobile Ads.
  • Ads Become Annoying For Majority Of Peoples

By Comparison, People Want To Engage With Content That’s Tailored To Their Needs.

And That’s Why Content Marketing Generates Three Times As Many Leads As Advertising. Even Though It Costs 62 Percent, Less.

It Starts With Site Traffic When You Publish And Promote Quality Content And It Attracts Visitors When You Add More Content There’s A Compounding Effect.

  • First The More Content You Have The More Pages Searchers Can Find.
  • Second People Who Come To Read One Piece Of Content Can Find And Read Others.
  • And Finally, People Who Love Your Content Will Come Back Again And Again.

That’s Why Annual Traffic Growth Is Eight Times Greater For Content Marketing Leaders Than For Others And Its Lasting Traffic From Ads Is Like Water From Attack Stop The Ads And The Traffic Abruptly Stops.

But When You Create Content It Becomes Permanent Web Real-Estate That Can Drive Traffic And If You Include Well-Placed Calls To Action In Your Content, You Can Turn Your Site Visitors Into Leads.

In Fact, Conversion Rates Are Nearly Six Times Greater For Sites That Adopt Content Marketing And Content Marketing Makes Other Elements Of Your Online Marketing Mix More Effective For Example SEO.

Contents One Of The Three Most Important Ranking Signals In Google’s Search Algorithm And Content Can Earn Links From Other Sites Which Can Boost Your Authority And Help You Ain’t Even Better.

And Quality Content Can Drive Email Signups And Provide Source Materials For Your Email Marketing And Social Media Campaigns.

It’s Easy To See What Content Marketing Has Been Embraced By Successful Companies All Over The World.

How Long Does It Take For Content Marketing To Work?

When Can I Expect To See Some Fruit if I’m Gonna Invest In Digital Marketing?

Yes, If You’re Gonna Spend The Time, The Effort, The Resources, The Money, You Want To Know The Returns. Well, There’s A Couple Different Ways That You Need To Look At This.

So, Often Times Traditionally, When You Think About Content And You Think About Inbound, You’re Like, Alright, Traffic, Leads, And Sales.

How Long Do They Take?

Well, That’s Contingent On A Lot Of Factors Like, How Much Content Are You Producing?

Is It Good? Are You Talking About The Right Stuff  That’s Gonna Resonate With The Marketplace?

And That Depending On The Industry, How Well You Do It, How Saturated The Industry, It’s Gonna Take Often Times, More Time, But There’s Also An Element  That You Can Feel Immediately.

Let’s Look At It Like This. So, Let’s Say That You Produce A Video Today That Answers A Major Question That Your Sales Team Is Getting All The Time.

And Let’s Say, Tomorrow  A Sales Person Uses That Video, And Because They Used That Video In The Sales Process, They Got A Call Back From A Prospect That Said, Now Finally I Get It  And We Want To Move  Forward With The Project.

Well, That Means Inbound  Worked Immediately. The Way That Inbound And  Content Work Immediately  Is That We Integrate It Into The Sales Process,

And That’s Why On The Front End, The Sales Team Needs To Be Involved, They Need To See How To Use It?  And Why To Use It? And  What Does That Look Like?

But, when they do, you’re gonna see that fruit on the front end and then over time, whether it be a 30 day or a 60 or a 90 day.

But over time, you’re gonna see that increase in the traffic, in the leads, and the sales and when you do, you have a true inbound culture. And that’s what it’s all about and that’s how long it takes to actually work.

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