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Hey, Everyone, In This Article I’m Going To Talk About YouTube Marketing How To Get Clients From Youtube.

So I’m Coming Up On 50 Videos I’ve Been Doing This For Just About A Year And Now I’m Starting To Get Clients Through My Youtube Channel. So I Wanted To Share With You A Little Bit About How I Did That And How You Can Do It Too.

The First Thing That You Have To Do Is :

  • You Have To Get On Youtube,
  • Make The Plunge
  • Start A Youtube Channel
  • Start Creating Some Video Content

It’s Going To Be Bad At First It Always Is And You’re Going To Improve Over Time. But You Got To Make The Plunge You Got To Face That Fear You Have To Face That Imposter Syndrome And Start Getting Yourself Out There.

One Of The Things Doing Video Is, It’s Going To Force You To Start Gathering The Content, Gathering The Things That You Know And Putting It Into A Form That You Can Share It With Other People.

It’s Going To Help You Get Better At Presenting And It’s Going To Like I Said Help You Face Those Fears Of Failure And Really Get Your Stuff Out There And Make A New Step In Your Career.

It Shows That You’re Open To Growth You’re Open To Learning And You’re Open For New Challenges

So How Does Getting A Client On Youtube Happen Through Strategic Youtube Marketing?

Youtube Marketing

I’ll Tell You A Personal Example Of What Just Happened To Me, A Client Called Me Up And He Said I’d Like To Do Business With You, And I Said So Where’d You Hear About Me? He Said I Did A Search For Digital Marketing Consultant In Mumbai, And Online Marketing Consultant On Youtube. Your Videos Came Up I Watched A Bunch Of Them I Liked How You Thought How You Presented Yourself What You Know And I Gave You A Call.

When People See Your Video Content They Get A Chance To See What You’re Like, They See Your Personality,

They See:

  • How You Think
  • How You Talk
  • What You Know

They Basically Get An Opportunity To Try Before They Buy And The Cool Thing Is That When People Finally Do Get In Touch With You, They Feel Like They Already Know You.

When I Talk To This Client He Said By The Time I Talked To You I Already Had The Idea That I Wanted To Work With You.

So It Saved Me The Time Of Spending That Hour Or 2 Hours And Ongoing Phone Calls. I’m Getting To Know Somebody Or They’re Getting To Know Me Before They Do That They Want The Work For Me.

And My Video Really Did That Precursor Relationship Building And I Didn’t Even Have To Get Involved In It.

So How Do Clients Find Your Content?

how to get clients from youtube

Well, The One Thing You Have To Do Is You Have To Post A Lot, You Have To Post On A Very Regular Schedule.

I’ve Been Posting One Video Week For 50 Weeks And By Doing That Youtube’s Algorithms They Pay Attention To That Your Regularity How Much, How Quickly You Engage In Responding To Comments And Whether Your Tags And Descriptions Are Along A Particular Theme When You’re Consistent,

And If You Are They Will Elevate You In Search And They Will Also Elevate You In Promotional Promoted Videos.

  • So People Will Find You Easier People Find You Via Google Search Because Google Owns Youtube And Prioritizes Youtube Videos And Search
  • People Find You Through Suggested Videos On Youtube
  • They Can Also Find You If You Tweet About Your Videos If You Post Your Videos On Facebook. If You Post Your Videos On Linkedin Or Instagram.

And Drive Those People Back To Your Youtube Videos One Thing Not To Forget In Your Videos Are CTA S Or Calls To Action. What Do You Want People To Do After They Viewed Some In Your Content?

It May Be That You Want Them To Go To Your Website Or You Want Them To Sign Up For Your Newsletter Or You Want Them To Go And Download Some Free Opt-In Magnet Content That You Have Whether It’s A PDF You’re Giving Away For Free Or A Mini E-Book That You May See In Some Of My Videos What Do You Want People To Do Make Sure To Include That On Your Videos Because It’ll Help Build That Engagement And Drive Clients Towards You .

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