Firoz Ahmad AKA "BGrowthNinja"

Firoz Ahmad (Bgrowthninja) Is An Award Winning Brand And Digital Marketing Consultant Based In Delhi NCR. Also Known As Lead Generation Machine In The Indian Digital Marketing Industry. Rated One Of The Best Digital Marketing Consultant In The Year 2019. He Is An Experienced Google, Microsoft & Hubspot Partner With A Successful Track Record In Leading SEOPPC, Social Media And Content Marketing Strategy, For A Variety Of Client’s  Including Startup’s, Small Business, National And International Brands. 

Bgrowth Ninja Secret  Sauce – Use Data To Drive All Digital Marketing Decisions And Can Formulate And Execute An Effective Growth Plan.

Are You Meeting Your Monthly Revenue Goals?

The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Plan Their Project With Me. I Know How To Get You In The Top Of The Google Search Engine Result Page That Will Increase Your Sales And ROI.  At The End OF The Day, Delivering Marketing Measurable Results, Predictable Revenue And High ROI Is What Matters.  If Your Goal Is To Grow Your Company By Managing Outsourcing Or Delegating Conversation Rate Optimization Then Contact Me Now For A Free Digital Marketing Consultation.


Digital Marketing Consulting Services

SEO, PPC & SEM Marketing
From Search Engine Optimization To Digital Advertising , Our Goal Is To Maximize The Return On Your Online Spend And Deliver Sales Result.​
Social Media Marketing​
Our Artificial intelligence Tools And High Lead Generation Social Media Tactics Can Help Grow Your Business And Empower Your Digital Footprint.​
Content Marketing Planning
Prospect's Are Not Looking For Content, Prospects Are Looking For The Answers Of Their Problems & We Know How To Create Content That Solve Problem's of Your Buyers.
ORM & Email Marketing
Online Reputation Management & Email Marketing Is The Basic & Most Important Need For Any Business in 21st Century.
Website Design & Development
We Know That Websites Are Essential Element For Any Business And We Are Specialize In Building Beautiful And Successful Websites.
Video And Graphic
Your Content Is Your Online Company Profile. Don't Under Utilize It. Get In Touch With Us,We Create Awesome And Inspiring Graphics, Videos & Gifs For Your Business.

My Happy Clients!

"BgrowthNinja Is A Dynamic Marketing Expert Who Has His Finger On The Pulse Of Innovation And Trend. He Is An ambitious and a hardworking marketing professional."
Jason Martin
CEO And Co-Founder
I Found Bgrowthninja To Be A Tremendous Asset To Our Digital Marketing Project. As A Consultant, BgrowthNinja Provided Strategic And Tactical Direction For User Flow, Wireframes And Navigation.
Barbara Smith
Owner Of Pastry Boutique
"Ace Of Online Marketing" Bgrowthninja Is One Of The Best Digital Marketing Professionals In The Business. Bgrowthninja Consistently Met And Exceeded Our Expectations
Mark Sommers
Corporate Lawyer

Are You Looking For A Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant?

Why Bgrowthninja Is The Best Digital Marketing Consultant For Your Business?


Digital Marketing Consulting F.A.Q.

Digital Marketing Is An Art Of Growing A Profitable Business Online By Using Digital Tools & Strategies.

The Difference Between Traditional And Digital Marketing Traditional Marketing Relies On Tools And Mediums Like The Newspaper Radio TV Magazines Bill Boards Direct Mail And Any Form Of Print.

 On The Other Hand Digital Marketing Is Made Up Of Tools Like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Like Blogging Articles Or Video Creation, Email Marketing And Online Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Digital Marketing Consultant Can Help You To Plan Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business Or Startup For Example If You’ve Got A New Business That’s In The Startup Stages, In This Case Your Marketing Strategy Will Be Very Different From Someone Who Has An Established Business. You Have Much Less Time Available, Your Audience Is Likely Very Small, You Have Little To No Budget And For These Reasons The Marketing Strategies And Tactics That You Use Should Be Unique To A Startup Business. So If You Hire A Right  Digital Marketing Consultant For Your Business Or Startup, Then That Digital Marketing Consultant Will Help You To Plan Right Digital Marketing Strategies And Tactics For Your Startup Or Business. 

The Three Biggest Digital Marketing Tips That You Should Be Using For Your Startup Business.

  • Tip Number One “Focus Only On Where Your Customers Are The Most”  It Is Crucial To Understand Who Your Target Customers Are And What They Do Online Maybe They’re Using Facebook Instagram And Snapchat, But What Do They Use The Most?  How Do They Make Their Decisions? What Platforms Influence Them The Most? As A Start-Up You Want To Work Smart Not Hard While You’re Starting Out You Do Not Have Time To Optimize All Of The Platforms Nor Should You Once You Grow Make The Most Of Your Limited Time On One Or Two Social Media Sites. What Platform Do You Think That Your Customers Are Using The Most?
  • Tip Number Two Fall In Love With Helping Your Customers Through Content. Content Is Any Piece Of Information That Is Being Published On The Internet On Behalf Of Your Business Share As Much Content As You Possibly Can At Minimum Create Weekly Original Content Meaning Created By You Or Your Business. You May Be Asking Should We Be Creating Social Media Status Updates Pictures Audio Video Blog Posts? The Answer Is All Of The Above Video Content Is Absolutely King Right Now As A New Business Or As An Established Business Creating Video Will Engage A Lot More People Than Any Other Form Of Content Once You’ve Created A Video Uploaded Take That Transcription And Then Turn It Into A Blog Post. Video Is Great Because You Can Take Images From The Video And The Audio From The Video Transcribe That Audio Into Blog Format And Create Multiple Pieces Of Content From One Video. The More Pieces Of Content That You Can Share The More Likely That A Prospect Will Know Like And Trust Your Business.
  • The Third Tip Is Creating A Unique Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Startup Business Is To Quickly Automate The Buyer Process. The Reason I Say Quickly Is Because Soon Or If You Haven’t Already You Will Become The Bottleneck In Your Business, So You Want To Automate As Much Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy And Tactics. As You Possibly Can Automate Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using Email Automation, Through An Email Service Provider Facebook Messenger Bots To Not Only Send Update Notifications But To Also Respond To Inquiries And Lastly Social Media Automation Invest In A Virtual Assistant Social Curator And Schedule Your Social Media Posts In Batches.
  • Hire BGrowthNinja, For A Step-By-Step Process To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Startup Business.

Hire Industries Best Digital Marketing Consultant [BgrowthNinja] To Create A Right Customer Journey That Will Double Your Sales. You Know Delivering The Ultimate Customer Experience Requires An Approach That Helps You Effectively Engage Nurture And Convert Winning It Customer Experience Begins With Understanding What Influences Brand Engagement

  • 81% Of Consumers Research Online Before They
  • 57% Of The Buying Decision Is Already Made Before Engagement

So How Can You Secure The Early Advantage?

Engage To Win:

  • Deliver High Value Content That Educates Prospects As They Research.
  • Use Your Website To Focus On Customers Needs Rather Than Your Products
  • Speak Their Language Not Your Brand’s
  • Track The  Behavior Of Visitors To Your Site Including Returning Leads

Once You Have The Customers Attention Nurture Interest With Content Relevant To Where They Are In The Decision Process. During Initial Consideration Company Driven Marketing Is Most Influential. At The Evaluation Stage Consumer Driven Content Is More Valued. But When It’s Time To Close The Sale Personal Interactions Still Matter Most. It’s Critical That Your Connection Is Sustained. 53 Percent Of Buyers Stop Engaging As Soon As Content Becomes Irrelevant, The Best Approach Places A Premium On Context.

 Nurture To Win:

  • Develop A Complete Picture Of How Customers Respond To Your Communications
  • Become Sophisticated And Specific In Your Analytics.
  • Use Real-Time Data And Interaction Technology To Deliver Relevant Offers At The Right Moment In The Customers Journey.

Strong Relationships Can Convert Sales And Build Reputations But Only Few Will Forgive A Bad Experience! 87% Of Consumers Share Their Good Experiences , But 95% Share Bad Ones And Only 30% Of Companies Maintain An Effective Customer Feedback Loop. Under Estimating Customer Feedback Can Contribute To A Massive Delivery Gap, 80% Of Companies Believe They Provide Superior Customer Experiences Yet Only 8% Of Surveyed Customer Agreed These Companies Were Delivering Superior Experiences.

So How Can You Close The Gap?

Convert To Win:

  • Never Stop Sharing High-Value Information With Customers
  • Not Even After You’ve Made The Sale
  • Integrate Customer Support Sales Operations And Marketing Data To Develop A Full Picture Of How The Customer Is Experiencing Your Brand
  • Stay Customer Focused In Design And Development Of Products And Services.

In For Customer And Marketing Management Is Your Platform To Gain A Complete View Of Your Customers At Every Stage In The Marketing And Sales Cycle.

  • Educate
  • Influence
  •  Validate
  • Persuade
  • Satisfy

With Technology That Makes You Smarter About What Prospects Want Helps You Connect At The Right Time And Place And Integrates Every Touch point With Your Brand To Deliver Consistent Satisfaction. Contact +918959271414 | B growthninja, To Learn More About Customer And Marketing Management To Drive Exceptional Experiences Whenever And Wherever Customers Engage With You

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