What Is Journey Builder In Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Journey Builder is one of the tools that are part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that allows you to  design and automate the marketing campaigns  that guide customers through the brand experience. It is based on the customer journey, it acts on the customer experience with the aim of improving it.

Contacts enter from a source of entry and during the tour a constant evaluation is carried out to determine when they evolve to the next activity and what it will be. Its role is to help companies manage the customer life cycle and build brand loyalty.

What is the use of journey builder in marketing cloud?

Salesforce and its clouds are in constant development adapting to the needs of companies in managing their campaigns. Throughout the year there are four reads where the news of this cloud is published.

In 2020, new functionalities have been incorporated, which are detailed below:

Pause a journey : Until now, journeys had three possible statuses: Draft, Executed or Stopped. To these three is added Pausado . This functionality allows you to manually pause a journey for a maximum period of 14 days and indicate whether after this period the journey should be resumed or stopped permanently. 

It can be reactivated at any time. Once the contacts are paused, they remain at the point of the journey where they are at that moment. When it is reactivated they will continue to advance from that point with total normality. This functionality is very useful in case you have to make changes to communications or if you do not want to make any communication for a few days.

Test a journey : Activating a campaign always generates uncertainty, with journeys it is no different, so Salesforce have created the functionality of Test a journey before activating it, using real customer data. This tool will show us the path that each of the records will follow, verifying that the paths of the journey work properly. Likewise, it allows you to receive emails at a test address the exact communications that each of these contacts will receive, being able to review the customizations. Thanks to which, corrections and improvements can be made before activating the journey. In addition, to generate confidence about the campaigns to activate.

Unique Shipping Paths : Journeys allow you to create and optimize the customer experience, but sometimes it is necessary to send specific communications, such as an informative notice, for this reason there are Single Send Journey, whose objective is to send a single communication, either Email, SMS or Push. They allow faster and easier management.

Health or Health of the journey : allows you to manually check if a specific contact is within the journey, in which case we will know in which activity of the journey it is and may even be expelled from it. Facilitating the management of impacts on clients, such as those conflicting contacts or in case they have been attended by other means.

Main functionalities Of Salesforce Journey Builder

Journey Builder is designed to allow marketers to  personalize interactions through different customer stages : reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty, based on customer needs and preferences in real time and on the basis of to his behavior

To make it possible Journey Builder uses event-driven triggers. With them it is possible to respond to customers, real or potential, in an appropriate way. Events can include any relevant customer action; a download, abandon the purchase, etc. The journey accesses contact information to guide responses. Also, different types of divisions can be established to allow customer management and, depending on their behavior, offer the  most appropriate action in real time .

A very important aspect, which reinforces its function, is that Journey Builder is also integrated with other Salesforce clouds such as Sales and  Service Cloud . In this way, the client enjoys a more complete experience. This allows you to design an experience based on the most recent information from each customer, rather than on past acts that are no longer of value.

Unique Tool For Creating Personalized User Experiences

Journey Builder is based on the development of a  one-to-one marketing strategy  (1: 1 marketing). Its foundation is to manage personalized relationships with the client, with the aim of promoting greater loyalty and a better return on marketing. Automating Journey Builder makes it easier to develop these relationships, even more so for large customer bases.

There are many benefits that Journey Builder brings to all types of companies. Among them, the following:

  • Journey Builder allows you to increase the performance of the campaign through the multichannel approach . Increasing customer engagement, thanks to a unique experience.
  • Track in real time that allows you to manage campaigns more easily, verify interactions, feeds and all elements of the campaign in real time, while measuring the results.
  • Their personalized approach makes it easy to deliver the right content to each individual customer.

Best Practices

Journey Builder is a tool with great potential, which should be used following guidelines that allow you to improve its performance:

  • Simplicity adds up. It is essential to focus on the objectives one at a time.
  • Planning is the key to success . It is vital to have a clear objective and define the steps to follow to achieve that objective.
  • From small to large. Designing progressively will improve results. This allows decisions to be made based on results, favoring a design based on customers and their experience.
  • Doing the right thing at the right time is one of the maxims to follow. It’s not just about the length of the ride or the time between each activity, but the way data activities are timed. Scheduling and automations will allow you to be 100% sure that the objectives are achieved.
  • Union make force.  The best way to maximize your performance with Journey Builder is with other Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools, such as Automation Studio, Contact Builder, Content Builder, Mobile Studio, and  Email Studio .


Journey Builder is a fundamental tool to generate the difference that makes a brand unique, reaching the Top of Mind and generating added value in direct communications with customers and potentials. Ensuring personalized communication, where messages are sent to the right person and at the right time. Allowing to optimize the messages and the frequency of impact.

By having a friendly user interface of the “Drag & Drop” type, it facilitates its use, as well as achieving the established objectives in a very simple way, allowing more efforts to be allocated to the analysis and optimization of the campaigns.

Without a doubt,  using Journey Builder makes the difference between the success and failure of a marketing campaign.

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