What Is Salesforce Advertising Studio?

When it comes to understanding what Advertising Studio is and how it works , it may be important to understand the benefits and great potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud . It is a unified platform that has all the latent needs of a marketing department, whether advertising, analytics, email marketing, etc.

What is Salesforce Advertising Studio?

To function properly, Marketing Cloud is equipped with several subclouds, including the following: Email Studio , Social Studio, Mobile Studio, and Advertising Studio . Its mission is basically to make good use of the data provided by the customer and combine this collection with the automation of multichannel communications .

Advertising Studio, in particular, is used to coordinate campaigns to improve the image of your company and boost final sales. Thus, the objectives of the marketing department will be greatly improved.

It is possible to use different social networks or platforms and use them with existing clients: Instagram, YouTube, Social Studio or Google Ads. In the same way, it is of great help to find potential customers that are similar to existing ones and capture the attention of inactive users by tracking their trajectory and making good use of digital advertising.

Use advertising audiences and activate the data you have in CRM to be clear about the destinations. In the same way, you will be able to connect data in an advantageous ecosystem of DSP and DMP . Thus, you can manage and centralize the information and then combine and analyze it in order to create audience segments and ensure that the ads are seen by your target audience, which provides a significant ROI or return on investment.

Its “Lead Capture” feature is intended to connect Facebook advertising to Salesforce Marketing Cloud data in real time. In addition, you can use Journey Builder advertising to create multi-channel campaigns and trajectories to combine advertising through Facebook, mobile devices and email. Just something important, this feature requires both Journey Builder and Advertising Studio to be activated in your Marketing Cloud account.

Main Features and Benefits Of Advertising Cloud Studio

Leverage Customer Data To Fuel Ad :

With Salesforce Anywhere it is possible to sell and market any product, as well as provide a service from anywhere. It is designed to directly access the digital world and uses the data available in the Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud so that you can create tailored advertising according to the needs of your company.

It is important to work with a reliable system, hence Salesforce has all possible security measures in place to protect your customers’ data , which you can access at any time. In fact, this information will never leave the secure Salesforce environment. Plus, you’ll avoid unscheduled downtime to maximize results and increase profitability.

Advertising Studio will allow you to immediately synchronize customer records through any digital channel and ensure that they are up-to-date, regardless of the level of campaign you are running.

Target audiences through their preferred channels and start building audiences on Instagram, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. In addition, with Audience Studio allow yourself an advertising ecosystem at a graphical level.

Connect The Channels :

The objective is to implement the ideal ads for the most appropriate profile and integrate the advertising with the marketing, sales and service departments.

Find new customers with similar characteristics to your current ones using Salesforce and similar audiences on Facebook and Google. In the same way, coordinate advertising campaigns with email to reach a larger audience. By sharing the message with multi-channel customers, you will increase purchase intent .

It is also important to identify the subscribers who have stopped interacting so that they can reconnect through effective advertising campaigns. Instead, remove the ones that no longer work.

Since the information of your clients is updated automatically and in real time, you will have up-to-date data that will lead you to implement ads with greater relevance and efficiency .

Generate more Leads :

Connect with Pardot and Sales Cloud ! The idea is to drive different campaigns to acquire new customers while loyalty to potential customers in Salesforce. Opportunity management begins with stakeholder care and classification, real-time sales alerts, and tracking of lead activity.

Integration with Facebook :

Automating leads from Facebook to Salesforce and making the right decisions with your sales and marketing team will lead you to create a revolutionary marketing strategy for short-term sales conversions .

Integration with Marketing Cloud Journey Builder :

It’s about expanding the reach of your campaigns through ads promoted by mobile, Facebook and email, without the need for an independent digital advertising team.

Integration with Google Ads :

Track your investments and boost your Google AdWords strategy by making the difference between existing, future and potential customer campaigns


The dream of many companies with advanced marketing equipment is to connect latent CRM data with multichannel digital advertising platforms . Advertising Studio is the tool you need to create campaigns and a consistent and seamless omnichannel Customer Journey .

Improve the possibilities of your marketing team by offering a clear line of action, which allows you to obtain a complete vision of all the elements that comprise it. In this way, you will improve customer service and provide a unique shopping experience that adapts to each consumer.

Take advantage of your databases and work with the most influential digital channels to grow and help your business prosper: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google and LinkedIn.

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