How To Choose Salesforce CRM Consulting Firms In 2021

If the Salesforce CRM software is already implemented in your company but for various reasons you have detected that it has not been used 100% or there has been a problem that prevents it from exploiting its potential to the fullest, perhaps it is time to consider seeking support from a consulting company specialized in Salesforce, which can help you receive all the benefits that this great tool can provide to your business and in this way enforce what you have invested in it.

It is possible that some organizations that are in a similar situation to this prefer to stay that way and avoid looking for a Salesforce partner company, this because they consider the process of changing partners complicated or because they are not sure what to look for in an expert consultant on the subject.

However, the process does not have to be complicated if you are aware of the factors to consider for selection. It is because of the above that, in this NextUp article, we want to talk to you about several important aspects that you should take into account when choosing a Salesforce Consulting Company to support you by providing consulting in the Salesforce CRM, so that you can choose the best option and your company get the most out of this powerful tool.

9 Tips For Choosing A CRM Salesforce Consulting Company

Here are some recommendations to properly select a consulting partner in the Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud:

1. Establish The Needs Of Your Company

It is recommended that before formally starting with the search for Salesforce partners , you define what your company’s needs are, so that you can adequately convey them with the different consulting options that you evaluate and these can give you a better overview of what they can do for your organization.

2. Find Out If The Company is Certified By Salesforce

This is the best way you can ensure that your consultants have the up-to-date knowledge and experience necessary to support your business in the best possible way.

3. Ask What Makes Them Different Or Better To Other Salesforce Partners

Without a doubt, there are several consulting firm options that could make up your list of options, each with different characteristics and advantages. And although you can investigate each of them, for example, by searching the Internet, it is recommended that you ask them directly what their main differentiator is from other Salesforce partners. Also, don’t forget to ask if they have experience in what your company needs.

4. Verify That They Have A Methodology For Project Management

Since this will be the framework that will allow to carry out the project with greater order and will help in meeting the estimated times.

5. Ask For References From The Consulting Company

It is also recommended that you contact another client who has worked or is working with the partner and ask them how their experience has been, how they evaluate the attention and service they have received and if they would recommend this option.

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6. Take into Account the Location of the Consulting Firm

Although today many activities can be carried out via the Internet, it is important that you also take into consideration the physical location of the partner and that their consultants can travel to your company, since in some cases it will be necessary to meet in person.

7. Look For Long-term Relationships

A CRM project is not an easy thing, so it is important that you check that the partner you choose can support you not only during your present needs, but also has the ability and willingness to continue advising you on future projects as your organization grows or count on new needs.

8. Do Not Be Carried Away By Appearances

Not in all cases large consulting firms are the best option. Keep in mind that in addition to the knowledge and experience in Salesforce CRM , it is important that they can provide you with a close treatment and personalized attention. So when you or anyone else on your team needs to contact specialized consultants, the process is as simple as making a call.

9. Do Not Focus Only On The Price Of The Consultancy

Do not compromise the quality of the advice that your company can receive. This does not mean that the options with the highest price are the best you can choose, but it is recommended that you investigate how the price offered is composed in addition to taking into account all factors (such as experience, conditions, location, etc.) in order to make your decision.


 Having your company, especially your commercial area, working optimally and making the best use of the Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud is essential so that you can achieve the best levels of productivity and of course, achieve your sales goals. For this reason, it is important that, if there is a situation in your company that is limiting the use of this CRM software, do not let more time pass and start seeking the support of a Salesforce consulting company to solve the problem.

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