What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud And Why You Should Use It?

Marketing teams are characterized by their constant innovation in the search for the best tools and technologies. The objective is to communicate with the different audiences and get them the right message, with the right tone  and persuade the use of your products and services. 

What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce has a platform specially designed for marketing experts to carry out their work. Basically Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Salesforce module that contains multiple tools to improve the interaction of brands with their customers and potentials through all kinds of channels. 

It is, obviously, focused on the Marketing business area and connects with the rest of Salesforce solutions to fully personalize the experience of each user. 

Why You Should Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Thanks to Marketing Cloud we can get to know our clients better , by connecting data from various sources and devices and storing them in the same program for later analysis. Salesforce allows you to take advantage of the potential of Artificial Intelligence to practice active listening to users, interpret and respond to their queries with personalized communications . 

We know what Salesforce Marketing Cloud is , but many people are unaware of the variety of tools that the platform encompasses. These tools perfectly define the multitude of uses and applications that we can extract from the Cloud, and the time and effort savings that their combination in the same CRM supposes:

1. Journey Builder : With Journey Builder, highly complex consumer journeys are created to segment the different actions, communications and impacts on prospects according to their interaction with the brand. It is about connecting marketing actions with sales and other departments to create a unique experience that accompanies leads to conversion.

2. Email Studio : Tool with which to use any data source, from web analytics to CRM statistics, to develop unique email campaigns. Salesforce has a powerful email marketing platform to take advantage of. 

3. Audience Studio : Audience analysis with data collected from all kinds of sources. Audience Studio is useful to get the most out of the knowledge about our target and generate content that fits like a glove with what they ask for.

4. Mobile Studio : Allows you to send and personalize mobile interactions via SMS, push notifications and group messaging. 

5. Social Studio : Social networks are an essential part of a marketing strategy. With Social Studio, the Social Marketing actions are aligned with the rest of the channels, all the social networks are managed and programmed, engagement is generated and the Sales and Customer Service teams are also involved in the event of a claim.

6. Advertising Studio : Advertising Studio is used to activate customer data and thus feed digital advertising and manage acquisition, re-motivation and alignment campaigns.

7. Datorama : An application to unite all the marketing data, investments, KPIs and decisions.

8. Interaction Studio : This tool affects the interaction with the public and allows to visualize and manage the different customer experiences in real time. We can detect the right and perfect moment to respond, interact and offer other content. This is how we take care of relationships that in the medium or long term can turn into conversions.

9. Data Studio : A solution to discover new audiences, protect your data and obtain detailed reports of all actions and results in marketing.

10. Google Analytics 360 : The Google Analytics data extracted by a company can be visible in the Marketing Cloud platform thanks to this tool. 

11. Pardot : Pardot brings marketing and sales together; It is an application for B2B marketing automation.

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Benefits Marketing Cloud

The utilities of Marketing Cloud are so diverse that we have to reel them out little by little. Based on data, adoption of the platform increases ROI by up to 50% . They are figures to show off.

1. Personalized Experiences

Thanks to applications such as Journey Builder it is possible to listen to prospects and clients in real time , responding to their needs at the moment and through all the channels used by the company, and can also automate these communication processes. Quick response equals customer happiness.

2. More Engagement

Consequence of the previous point is this that concerns us. Because, if they treat us well, why are we going to go to the competition? If we can take care of and improve medium and long-term relationships with our prospects or leads, we will be creating future clients.

3. Measurement

There is a lot of insistence on this phrase, but it is true. “If it cannot be measured, it does not exist”, hence the importance of having data on all our actions. Therefore, it is possible to have a wide range of reports of the statistics of the actions of each tool thanks to Data Studio.

4. Marketing Cloud Training

Before starting to use Marketing Cloud, a minimum training is necessary to know the ins and outs and the configuration of your systems. Salesforce has  Salesforce Trailhead, your own training platform for Salesforce partners and non-partners, free and full of online modules and workshops to immerse yourself in the vastness of the Salesforce community and learn basic and advanced aspects.

Companies can also use a consultancy train them on Salesforce Marketing Cloud and act as a guide through the process of implementing the solution. At Bgrowthninja, we are specialists in Marketing Cloud (B2B) and Pardot (B2C) , we use Salesforce as the basis for all our actions and we even develop specific applications. 

We offer not only the implementation, but also our business intelligence, creation of Search Tools, analysis and support so that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the lever that propels good results and customer growth in companies. Contact us Contact us if you want more information, we are at your service!

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