What Is Salesforce Trailhead? Salesforce TrailHead Complete Guide Step By Step


Hello, Salesforce Lover’s Welcome To The BgrowthNinja.Com (Salesforce Marketing Consultant And Lead Generation Expert) In Today’s Article We’ll Be Talking About Salesforce Trailhead. I’m Sure Most Of You Guys Who Are Trying To Learn Salesforce You Must Have Heard This Term [Trailhead.Com], But Many Of You Still Don’t Know How We Can Use Trailhead.Com To Learn Salesforce, So Let’s Explore Trailhead In This Article.

What Is Salesforce TrailHead?

Salesforce Trailhead  Is A Learning Platform For Salesforce Technology. If  You Want To Learn Anything In Salesforce Technology You Can Find Trails On Trailhead.Com To That Particular Topic Or That Particular Technology.

 Just To You Give An Example If You Want To Master The Admin Area Of Salesforce.Com You Can Find Trails On Trailhead.Com To Learn Admin Stuff. If You Want To Learn Development In Salesforce Ecology You Can Find The Development Trails In Trailhead.Com To Learn Salesforce Development  Stuff As Well. And If You Want To Become An Architect In Salesforce.Com There Are Architects Trails As Well. 

So Almost Everything Ready To Sell Sociability You Can Find It On Trailhead.Com. 

How To Start With Salesforce Trailhead? ​

First Of All, You Just Need To Type Salesforce Trailhead Or Trailhead.com In Your Browser And You Will See This Page


This Is The Home Tab Where You Will See The Different Tails That You Can Choose From But Let’s Say You Are Very New To Salesforce And You Want To Start Running Salesforce From Basics. So How You Can Do It?  

For That, You Need To Click On The Trace Menu And Will See Different Filters And Options To Help You Find Your Learning Path Or The Trails You Are Interested In To. So You Can Filter These Different Trails With Your Own Interests.

Let’s Say I Am Interested In Admin Trails I Will Simply Click On Admin Role. 

salesforce trailhead admin trail

All The Admin Trails Will Show Up On The Bottom Of This Field. Since I Have Chosen The Admin Role I Have Three Different Level For Me.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Level

Simply Select The Beginner Level Player 46 Different Players Available To Learn Basic Slopes Admin Stuff In Salesforce.

So If We Just Scroll Down You Will See Trail Admin Beginner So Just Click On It .


Now You Will See They Are Different More Tools And Projects Within That Trail. So For Our Admin Beginner Trail, You Can See There Is A Salesforce Platform Basics Module Which Will Help You To Learn Basics Of Salesforce You Can Find The Description As Well About A Particular Module Of A Project Then There is Data Modeling, Data Management, Lighting Experience, Customization Reports, And Dashboards.


So These Are All Basic Stuff That We Should Learn In Salesforce. To Start With Any Of This Trail Or Any Of These Modules You Can Simply Click On That Particular Module And Now It Will Open The Different Topics From That Particular Module Or That Particular Project.


You Will See That Are Like Five To Six Different Topics On This Particular Module.  Just Click On Any Of The Topic And You Will See The Article Of Topics So From There You Can Start Learning About That Particular Module Or About That Particular Trail Over About That Particular Topic. 

Once You Go Through This Article At The Bottom Of This Page You Will See A Challenge So Challenge Is Nothing But To Check Your Knowledge From That Particular Article.


What Is Challenge In Salesforce Trailhead?

A Challenge Can Be A Question Areas Where They Can Ask For Different Questions From That Particular Article Or It Can Be Assignment As Well, Where You Need To Do Some Admin Stuff In Your Own Salesforce Developer Work  Or Maybe Some Programmatic Stuff In Your Developer Work And These Challenges Will Only Come From The Particular Article Which You’ve Just Finished Learning.

That Means Challenge Only Include The Questions Or The Assignment That You Just Learned On That Page Only And After Completing The Challenge You’ll Get The Point And These Points Will Help You To Achieve Different Trends In TrailHead.Com

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