Brand Differentiation Strategies For Business Success

Brand Differentiation Strategies For Business Success

Brand Differentiation Strategies For Business Success. There’s A Disease Out There “It’s Called Surfing The Sea Of Sameness” And A Lot Of Companies Are Suffering From This Disease.

  • Companies Are Looking The Same
  • They’re Talking The Same
  • They’re Offering The Same Kind Of Products
  • They’re Offering The Same Kind Of Story
  • They’re Showing Up In The Same Places And Doing The Same Things. Personal Brands Can Suffer From It,Entrepreneurs Suffer From It, Creative Pros Suffer From It.

All Sorts Of Businesses Suffer From A Lack Of Brand Differentiation.

There’s This Saying And It’s Been Attributed To A Lot Of Different People But The Quote Is “Different Is Better Than Better” And When It Comes Down To It In Business Then Brand Differentiation Is Everything In Business And In Success.

So What Is Brand Differentiation?

Well, The Definition Of It Is ”Establishing A Core Essence Of A Company A Product Or Service That’s Distinct From The Competition”.

So Why Do You Need To Know About It?

As A Designer You Need To Be Able To Help Your Clients Recognize And Establish A Level Of Differentiation In Their Businesses.

Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Have To Be Able To Look Inside Of Their Company And Recognize The Fact That They May In Many Cases In Some Aspect Of Their Company Not Be Differentiated Enough.

So How Can You Be Different Well?

The First Thing You Have To Do And So Many Companies Never Do This And It Just Blows My Mind When I Work With Clients.

How Many Of Them Don’t Really Understand Or Haven’t Really Looked At In Detail Their Competition.

So You Have To Do A Competitive Audit.

But The Question Is “When You Do A competitive Audit What Do You Look At”?

  • You Have Look At Who Are The Companies?
  • Who Are Your Competition And What Are They Named?
  • What Do They Call Themselves?
  • What Kind Of Products And Services Do They Offer?
  • Where Do They Play?
  • What Kind Of Markets Are They In?
  • What Kind Of Categories Are They In?
  • How Do They Look What’s Their Trade Dress?
  • What’s Their Branding What’s Their Design?
  • How Do They Visualize Their Brand?
  • How Do They Market Themselves?
  • Where Do They Market The Cells?
  • What Do They Do In Those Markets?
  • What’s Their Customer Avatar?

So You May Perceive That Customer Avatar That They’re Pursuing, So What Is It That They’ve Established As Their Customer? And Also How Do They Price Themselves.

  • How Do They Price Themselves As A Brand?
  • Are They Premium Or They Luxury?
  • Are They A Value Brand?
  • How Do They Price Their Products And How Do They Price Their Services?

So After You Audit Your Competition You Want To Ask These Questions:

  • Is The Marketcrowded?
  • So How Many Competitors Do You Have In Your Category In Your Market?
  • And How Do Your Competitor’s Differentiate Themselves From Each Other?
  • How Are They Doing It?

And When You Look At The Whole See, The Whole Landscape Of Competition, Now It’s Time To Figure out What Is The White Space?

So Is There Any Area Of That Competition Where People Aren’t Playing Where There Is A Room, Where There’s Opportunity To Establish A Foothold In A Market, Where The Other Brands In The Other Competition Is Not Necessarily Doing It Or Looking Like It Or Marketing In That Particular Way.

And Then The Other Question Is Can You Move Your Brand To Take Advantage Of That White Space?

To Take Advantage Of That Area Of The Market That You Could Corner And You Could Outflank Some Of Your Competition,

And If You Can’t How Can You Create A Level Of Differentiation In Your Company Or In Your Services?

And Your Products Of What You Do? What Are The Levers That You Can Pull, That You Can Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition?

So You Want To Choose One Of These Levers To Differentiate Yourself.

These Are The Sorts Of Things That You Can Alter, You Can Pull, You Can Manipulate In Your Business In Order To Differentiate Yourself From The Competition.

First Of All Pricing So Are You Premium?

Are You Value A Great Example Of This Is Dollar Shave Club They Totally Disrupted The Razr Market Undercutting Gillette And Undercutting All Sorts Of Other Big Manufacturers By Offering Cheap Razors In The Mail On A Subscription Basis So You Could Use Quality.

  • So Are You Cheap?
  • Are You Mid-Range?
  • Are You Luxury?

So Tesla, For Instance, Was A Luxury Car But There Was A Huge White Space In The Luxury Car Eco-Friendly Market And They Totally Took Over That Space.

So How Do You Offer Up That Service? And What Kind Of Service Do You Offer?

  • Is It Very Personal?
  • Is It Very Technical?
  • Is It Very Removed?
  • Is A Very Close And Intimate?

Now Lets Talk About Delivery Method,

So How Do You Deliver Your Services Companies Like Amazon Revolutionize The Book World By Offering Books In A Digital Format Offering Ebooks?

There’s The Apple Store Which Revolutionized How Technology Is Sold In Physical Retail.

There’s Ebert’s So They’ve Revolutionized How Takeout Food Is Delivered To Your Door.

Again Dollar Shave Club Doesn’t Did An Amazing Innovative Move When They Offered Razors As A Subscription And There’s Companies Like Stitch Fix That Offer Personalized Shopping And Personalized Fashion Assortment Development For You In The Digital Sphere.

 So What Is Your Delivery Method?

Now The Next Question Is How Do You Look At The Trade Dress Of Your Products Or Your Brand To Differentiate Yourself And Also In Marketing.

  • How And Where Do You Show Up?
  • What Are The Platforms You Use
  • Do You Social To Use Traditional Marketing Or  Do You Use You Know Television And Broadcast And Podcasts?
  • What Is It That You Use In Terms Of Your Marketing?
  • How Is Your Competition Doing It
  • And How Could You Do It Differently Or Better?
  • And Also You Can Look At Your Customer Targets

So Who Are You Pursuing And Who Is Your Competition Pursuing ?

For Instance Tesla Again They Pursued An Eco Sensitive Population With An Electric Vehicle Where All Of The Other Vehicle Of Producers Ford Chevy All Those Guys Were Going After The Traditional.

You Know Gas-Powered Combustion Engine Market?

So Tesla Pursued Eco Sensitive People In A Very Innovative Way By Shifting And Taking Advantage Of A White Space In The Market Around The Idea Of A Different Customer Target.

So You Have To Figure Out:

  • How To Make Your Brand Distinct And How Do You Make Your Brand Stand Out?
  • Which Lever Are Your Gonna Pull And How Are You Going To Pull It.
  • What Do You Need To Change In Order To Differentiate Your Brand From Everybody Else’s Or Different Your Product Or Your Service From?
  • How Other People Are Doing
  • How Can You Innovate In Your Category?

You Have To Remember That Brand Differentiation Is Everything In Business. You Have To Differentiate Your Brand And You Win.

Different Is Better Than Better.

And If You Don’t No How To Do That, Then You Can Connect With I Am Bgrowthninja International Online Marketing Consultant Rated Best Digital Marketing Consultant In Delhi And Awarded Best Digital Marketing Consultant In Mumbai. I Love To Help You Out.

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