Drone Pilot School Tips & Techniques

If you have a drone and want to go to drone pilot school to be an FAA-certified drone pilot, there are some tips that will ensure you pass the examination and get the most out of your education. 

First, never study alone. It’s best to find a group or partner with whom you can study. There is nothing wrong with studying for your drone pilot exam by yourself, but studying with other people is more fun and helps you learn more effectively. When you have to explain concepts to each other and solve questions in a team, you are more motivated. It also will help you better understand the material. 

Second, use a drone training course that is up to date. The drone pilot certification examination makes you know information on many aviation topics. The FAA gives you a list of topics that you will need to know a lot about. For most of us, learning about airspace, interpreting, weather reports and learning how to interpret sectional charts requires training. 

It helps to use a drone pilot ground school that is engaging, clear and has complete lectures that are divided by subject matter. Every section has sample test questions as you are learning. After you complete the class, you can take practice tests that have real questions from the FAA exam. 

Third, you should sign up for the Part 107 exam. To do that, you need to get an FAA tracking number or FTN with the IACRA system. This process can be a little slow because, after all, it’s a government website. 

Fourth, you will take the drone pilot certification exam. Many people find that the test is similar to the practice tests that they take in a good drone pilot school. You have two hours to answer at least 60 questions on many topics, including regulations for Part 107, sectional chart interpretation, and the performance of UAS. Every person who takes the test is different, but many don’t feel rushed for time. 

Once you pass, congratulations! Now you need to apply for remote pilot certification. You will use the Airmen Knowledge Test Report that you get during your training. Note that the knowledge test results stay current for two years. You will need to take an exam at that point to keep your drone pilot credentials. 

Getting your drone pilot license is worth the trouble, so good luck!

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