How To Optimize Email Marketing Automation Strategy With Salesforce

When it comes to implementing effective digital marketing strategies , it is necessary to control and manage the data that comes to us. In fact, information is key to face the challenges that we must face in the relationship that companies have with their customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a great ally to manage and optimize the process from beginning to end, thanks to the potential of its tools, among which we highlight: Journey Builder , Social Studio , Advertising Studio , Audience Studio and Datorama .

What is Email Marketing Studio and How Does it Work?

The email marketing is a business tool with great potential. It is based on the use of email in order to sell certain products or provide information to potential customers.

The main difference from traditional marketing is based on the possibility of developing personalized email offers for all types of profiles. In the past, email was not always well received by customers. However, its use has increased significantly as it knows how to adapt correctly to each user. 

The objectives of email marketing are several: increase the number of sales, generate a more fluid communication with customers , create loyalty, obtain privileged information to carry out subsequent actions or make yourself known.

Whatever the end pursued, for the emailing to be effective, it is essential that it does not arrive as junk mail and end up in the spam tray . In addition, when the user does not accept it willingly, they may feel that their privacy has been invaded, leading to a distorted image of the company in question. So that this does not happen, users must accept the emails and generate a good return.

By requesting the consent of the customer, the company will earn points. However, users will not accept any mail without receiving anything in return, hence the company must offer something beneficial or attractive enough. Once permission is obtained, the company will be able to maintain constant communication with the user without making it overwhelming, in order to develop a close and loyal relationship .

When carrying out a service of these characteristics, the most important thing is to know what we want to transmit and to whom we should send it. The message must be interesting and motivate the user to read it. In the same way, the email must contain a link, so that the client can choose not to receive more information from the company.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

The email marketing automation is a process that uses revolutionary technology to simplify marketing campaigns through the use of automated emails. These are repetitive tasks that will reduce the time spent by salespeople, so that they can focus on other projects at a strategic level.

This automation software will allow you to create personalized interactions by email , resulting in a uniform experience that will connect directly with the customer. It is basically used to improve the efficiency of the sales channel, using a database of satisfied customers, who are willing to receive informative communications, either to publicize a new product or offer a discount or promotion.

This tool offers useful content at the right time, hence it generates trust on the part of customers, who will also feel respect for the brand. Once we know the profiles of potential customers and know what they are interested in, the company can use automation to send personalized messages .

With email sending automations it is possible to create direct flows to subscribers who meet one or more conditions, which are susceptible to response. In this way you can generate numerous shipments and enhance the database of your subscribers to interact with them and make them participate in your campaigns

Easily create and activate emails for any event or circumstance and choose the most appropriate waiting time between one shipment and another. If you need to report a specific campaign to different user profiles, send alternative emails to subscribers who meet one or more conditions depending on their journey as users or customers.

It is important to send relevant communications to increase the performance of your marketing campaigns. The email marketing automation tool will allow you to do so, as well as track shipments with relevant information so that you can consult it in real time.

The purpose of automating shipments is to optimize your time to the maximum and to pursue subscriber loyalty . This tool will allow you to have a personalized and fluid contact with users, making the list of subscribers dynamic and active.

Why Choose Salesforce for Marketing Automation?

Salesforce offers a very interesting solution that stands out greatly as it can be fully integrated with Salesforce CRM. What are the advantages of having your marketing automation tool ?

  • Join Sales and Marketing : Companies often have separate departments, which makes the process difficult. By having marketing automation or email marketing you can easily transmit your marketing campaigns, receive information about their effects and convert your emails into real sales.
  • Integration in Salesforce CRM : If the email marketing tool is in your CRM platform, you will be able to perform numerous productive actions: Create templates with ease, make personalized shipments, view reports in real time, manage the statuses of a campaign, and so on.

All this without the need for technical knowledge . The Salesforce user does not need HTML knowledge to use their email marketing tool. The world of Salesforce marketing automation is easy and intuitive. 

In short, marketing automation brings you closer to the forefront of digital marketing and enables you to carry out perfect campaigns. If you do not have Salesforce yet, it is interesting to bet on the union of Marketing and Sales in a single platform.

If you need to know more about Salesforce Email Marketing and its marketing automation strategy, contact us and we will answer all your questions. 

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